3 Things You Might Not Know About Electric Fireplaces

How well do you really know your electric fireplace? You know it’s easy to use, looks great and helps keep your home warm, but do you know how it actually works? Because all you have to do is press a button to operate the unit, most people aren’t familiar with the inner workings. To learn more, consider three important things every owner should know about their electric fireplace – and that you should understand before purchasing one.   

What are electric fireplaces? 

Electric fireplaces are heaters that are designed to recreate the experience of sitting next to a dancing fire so you can bring warmth and style into your living room, dining room, bedroom or office. Electric fireplaces allow us to enjoy the heat and glow of an actual fire, but without the burden of having to take care of one. Plus, they offer an excellent way to save money when used as part of a supplemental zone heating strategy, so you can turn down the central thermostat and just add heat to the space you’re in when – and where – you need it. There are many different types of electric fireplaces, including options that hang on the wall and inserts that sit inside a TV stand or a mantel. If you’re curious about electric fireplaces, you can learn more about them from the market leader in electric fireplaces, ClassicFlame®.  

Supplemental zone heating is a money and energy-saving strategy that allows you to heat the space you’re in when – and where – you need it.  

ClassicFlame® products are made to help you transform your home into the perfect place for entertaining and relaxing with family. You can turn on the heat to stay warm in the winter and activate the flames to enjoy an irresistible ambiance any time of year. And with so many styles to choose from, it’s easy to achieve a more contemporary appearance to suit your modern décor or opt for the more traditional look of a mantel and hearth.  

How do electric fireplaces work? 

Even though electric fireplaces offer the same effect as traditional gas or wood-burning fireplaces, they operate quite differently. There’s no need to store logs and kindling or run a gas line, as these fireplaces simply plug into an outlet like any other home appliance. *And electric fireplaces are more affordable to install and maintain than gas and wood burning options. They also don’t produce real fire, so there’s no smell or mess and minimal safety risk. You can install one in any room of your home or office in just a few easy steps – one of the biggest advantages of electric fireplaces, since gas and wood-burning options are much more difficult to add to a home. In many ways, electric fireplaces combine the best features of a space heater with the style and ambiance of a traditional hearth.  

Are electric fireplaces realistic? 

If you didn’t know any better, you might think the flames inside many electric fireplaces are real. This effect is created using advanced light technologies that make it appear as if the flames are dancing among simulated logs or coals for all the enticing beauty of a crackling fire with none of the hassle or safety concerns.  


To give you an example of this technology in action, consider the ClassicFlame® 26” 3D Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace Insert. It features the most realistic flame effects on the market for flames that dance on and behind the log set. With five color options, five speed settings and five brightness levels it’s easy to create an effect that is perfect for you. Plus, this insert is equipped with patent pending Safer Plug® fire prevention technology that monitors the temperature of the plug and shuts the unit off if it becomes too hot.  

Are electric fireplace flames hot? 

Because the flames of an electric fireplace can look so real, many people mistakenly think they’re hot. But remember, they’re just an illusion of light. The flames themselves are not hot and do not produce heat. They simply provide a stunning visual impact as you gather around and unwind. With that said, most electric fireplaces are cool to the touch and safe to use around kids and pets. And, many products from ClassicFlame® have exclusive, advanced safety features like patent pending Safer Plug® and Safer Sensor™. Safer Sensor fire prevention technology is included on inserts that go into furniture with doors, like the Uptown Loft™ Bluetooth® Compatible TV Stand with Electric Fireplace from Twin Star Home™ (pictured below). Sliding doors move to conceal the fireplace insert, so this insert has a sensor that automatically shuts off the fireplace if the doors are covering the unit while it is producing heat.  

The Uptown Loft™ collection from Twin Star Home™ features this Bluetooth® Compatible TV Stand with Electric Fireplace and advanced safety features like Safer Plug® and Safer Sensor™.  

You might be wondering, if the flames don’t produce heat, where does the heat come from? There’s actually a heating element built inside electric fireplaces that you can’t see. This heating element converts electricity into heat energy. Once you plug the unit into an outlet, it draws in air from around the room and heats it up before pushing it back out, creating that warm, cozy feeling.  

Install an Electric Fireplace in Your Home 

Whether you’re living in a house, condo or apartment, you can make your home more welcoming with an electric fireplace. Browse all the electric fireplace options offered by ClassicFlame® to find a range of styles and sizes best suited to your current décor, and contact us today for more information on which one is right for you. 

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