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5 Decorating Tips Using Visual Stretchers and Space Enhancers

Visual Stretchers and Space Enhancers can dramatically change the look and feel of any room, whether you need to make it feel larger or more intimate. If your room is oddly proportioned, such as a long narrow space or a very small, square space, you can easily make it feel and look better by using one of these easy solutions.

  1. Long Narrow Spaces -A tall piece of furniture, such as an armoire, étagère or bookcase, placed in the middle of a short wall, at the end of a long room, will shorten the visual look of a long narrow room. 
  2. If the piece of furniture is dark or the wall behind it is painted darker than the side walls, it will further enhance an optical illusion of a more balanced room because the dark object or wall at the end of the room will visually appear much closer than the side walls.
  3. Seating groups can also be used to create a more balanced illusion of space. Place a sofa at the far end of a long room with a pair of club chairs floating just off a dark, painted back wall and floating in front of the side walls. If you also paint the side walls a slightly lighter shade of the same darkest color on the far back wall, these two related wall shades – the back and side walls – will appear closer and shorten the room visually.
  4. An interesting decorative accent piece can serve multiple purposes. It will provide another optical illusion by shortening a room as well. Pictured above is a charming Grand Mother clock from the Twin Star Home™ Swedish Classics Collection™, placed at an angle at the end of a long room, positioned at the juncture of the back darkest wall and the longer, side wall. This angled position will add a bit of character and charm plus it will provide a resting place for the eyes to stop before they focus on the back wall. The clock or any decorative tall piece will do the trick and stop the eyes.
  5. Painting a small room in a monochromatic color scheme will make the room feel much larger. As the name implies, using various related shades or tones of the same color family for the walls and largest pieces of upholstery will make the room feel larger because the furniture will blend into the walls rather than pop out if in a contrasting color. Selecting a piece of furniture which will complement the mono color scheme in a blending finish will stretch the space. See the picture below.
Swedish Classic For a multifunctional addition to your home, this secretary desk looks like a chest, but features a hidden bonus laptop desk – so it eliminates the need for more furniture, which in turn provides a more spacious look in a small space using fewer pieces.   By Jena Hall Designer–in-Residence ©   ]]>