5 Things to Consider When Upgrading Your TV on Black Friday

You prepared for this moment all summer. You scrolled through pages and pages of resources, read through countless reviews, and even watched comparison videos. Now, Black Friday is just around the corner and it’s almost time to grab that perfect TV you’ve been wanting… 

Sound familiar?  

Black Friday is notorious for huge deals on big ticket items, with the best deals historically being for electronics. The 2018 shopping season is staying consistent, as TVs are still winding up as the hottest deal. With 4K, HD, and OLED TVs being this year’s Black Friday bestsellers, we’re not surprised if you’re considering an entertainment upgrade. But let’s not forget that there are some essential accessories you might need for the new tube, namely a chic and functional TV stand. Here’s what to think about for getting the best entertainment hub possible: 

1. What Size TV Are You Considering?

Determining the size of your TV is the most important step toward buying the perfect TV stand to accompany your Black Friday haul. First, find out the weight of the TV. This is very handy for when it comes time to buy your stand because the manufacturer will have done testing specific to what weight the stand is rated to hold. 


Second, look for the dimensions of the TV. Keep in mind that the size you see advertised on your new TV’s box refers to the diagonal measurement of the TV screen. Instead, look for dimensions of the TV as a whole to determine how wide across the TV is. If the actual width of the TV is more than the width of the stand, that will be an indicator if your TV and TV stand are not a good match.   

2. What Style Themes Are Currently in Your Home? 

You may have heard someone say “there’s an app for that” at some point in your life. Well to paraphrase, no matter which style resides in your home, there’s a TV stand for that. Whether you want something with mixed materials and an industrial look or something to complement your living room’s county-chic flair, there is a TV stand that fits you and your tastes. Once you make your Black Friday TV selection, consider which style you want to incorporate into your entertainment area to accompany it. You might love watching live news or football, but your TV stand can help to truly bring the room to life.  


3. Can You Benefit from Extra Storage?

From your Blu-ray™ player and sound system to the kids’ game systems, your TV stand is going to be the place where most of your home’s media comes together. But what about extra throw blankets, your favorite movies to watch, or that votive candle set you like to bring out only for special nights at home? The right TV stand can have room for all of that. With added storage, you can have everything you need for the perfect movie night (and more) all in one place.  


If you still have room after organizing all of your viewing and gaming necessities in added storage, leftover space helps you to make a spot to show off family treasures like road trip photos or that cool rock you picked up at the Grand Canyon. Not big on mementos? Using extra space to display odds and ends like geometric vases, stylized prints, or funky paperweights will add some flair to your TV area and create a space where your family and friends love to spend time. 

4. Do You Also Listen to Music in Your TV Area?

If you’re like me, dancing through your living room while vacuuming or doing laundry is a regular occurrence. For those of us that love our music, there are now TV stands that provide a complete entertainment package by featuring Bluetooth® compatibility. That way, you can have theater-like sound quality in your own home!  

Twin Star Home offers TV stands equipped with speaker systems that can wirelessly connect with any smartphone or other Bluetooth® enabled device. So, streaming your favorite podcast’s audio from your laptop or listening to that new song you’re obsessing over from your phone is easier than ever and sounds even better.

5. Why Not Upgrade your TV Stand with a Fireplace?

Ok, this one may sound a bit out of left field. But really think about it – if you need a new TV stand for your Black Friday steal anyway, why not get the warmth and ambiance of a beautiful fire, too? Twin Star Home offers a large variety of TV stands that include an electric fireplace already built in so that it’s super simple for you to give your space a complete makeover. And with a reputable brand like ClassicFlame® behind your new and improved TV stand, the beauty and integrity of your space is sure to last.  


Your TV stand will give your living room style and function and the added bonus of a fireplace can complete the upgrade. Get a cozy atmosphere for watching all of your favorite shows and movies. Then, turn around and set the mood for an occasion where the TV doesn’t matter. Whether you have the TV on or off, gorgeous flames are always a good idea for getting that feeling of being right at home.  

Black Friday TV Deals Mean a Bright Future for Your TV Stand

Getting a shiny, new TV is a chance to get a TV stand with the style upgrade to match. After figuring out which Black Friday TV deal suits you and your budget best, ask yourself if your TV stand is up to par. Is your ten-year-old stand large enough for that new 65-inch 4K LED TV? Are you confident it can hold the TV’s weight? Now that you’re getting a new TV, does the style of your stand seem a little dated?  

Think about what you want your TV area to look like and what is going to make you most comfortable there. A brand-new TV is usually no small purchase and your TV stand shouldn’t be either. But once you identify which TV you want and how you like using the area, finding the right TV stand can complete your viewing experience and bring out the true value of your new upgraded space.