7 Best Furniture Solutions to Help With Your Spring Cleaning

www.twinstarhome.com! 1.) Bell’O Digital TV Mount With a Bell’O Digital TV mount, your TV will be safely mounted on the wall away from the floor and taking up less space. Bell’O Digital TV mounts can be purchased in three different display options to best fit the needs of every room. The low profile display is prefect for an ultra discreet look for dedicated viewing areas. The tilting TV mount is great for natural lit living rooms, so you can tilt the TV downward for a better viewing position, or to reduce glare. The tilt/pan/articulating is the mount with the most features, offering a swivel and tilt feature so you can move the TV to be viewed in a variety of locations in the room, or even in the house for open floor plans. When our engineers and developers set out to design the TV wall mounts, they looked for opportunities to improve and innovate. For installers, time is money; for the consumer, installation should not be an overwhelming task. The Bell’O mounts feature Lift on and Lock installation to get your TV mounted quickly, effortlessly and most importantly…securely. Click here to see all of our TV mounts on the Bell’O Digital website: http://www.bello-digital.com/mounts.php Here is our line-up of TV mounts for all TV sizes:   2.) Media Storage Cabinets/TV Stands Do you have cords everywhere? Are your cable boxes, Playstations, Xboxes, Wiis, Apple TVs, Rokus, routers, and receivers all over the place, creating clutter and an unsightly display? Not a problem, because here at Twin-Star, we have several products that easily organize all of these media components in a fashionable and clean way. Bell’O has cabinet towers specifically for this purpose, as seen in this picture below: This cabinet is also a no tools assembly piece, allowing you to put this sturdy unit together with absolutely no tools. For a more traditional option for media component storage, you could always try one of our media entertainment centers, which can also hold TVs. Here are a couple options:   This media center also has a Bluetooth-enabled speaker, so you can stream music from your library or popular music services like Spotify, iTunes, and Pandora wirelessly from your phone, tablet or music player. Bring your TV shows and movies to life with the theater-like sound by connecting your television through the unit’s A/V inputs. To see our full line of media entertainment centers, check out www.twinstarhome.com. 3.) Bar and Wine Cabinets Anyone who loves wine and who can appreciate a good bottle of their favorite liquor could benefit from one of our luxurious wine or bar cabinets. Keep your wine chilled and your liquor locked up in safe keeping with these bar/wine cabinets:   This locking bar cabinet is perfect for any liquor lover. The extra tall shelf space allows for storage of tall liquor bottles, while the revolving doors add a cool functionality to this bar cabinet.   Make sure you can see all your labels on your wine bottles with the Mayfield Wine Curio. This curio holds 46 bottles, 32 in the top, and 14 in the x-style wine rack below. Store your wine accessories in the storage drawer.   For the wine lover, the Cabernet wine cooler with dry storage is perfect for even small spaces. The 18-bottle thermoelectric wine cooler locks to keep your wine locked away, while the 6-bottle cubby storage is perfect for your red wines and extra bottles of wine. The wine racks in the several cooler slide out so you can view all your wine labels before selecting. 4.) Curio Cabinets Wishing you has a place to display that cool piece of art you got on your last vacation? Have a bunch of expensive collectables you haven’t displayed because you are worried about them getting broken? Time to finally unpack those boxes and display your awesome stuff! Check out our gorgeous curio cabinets with hidden storage: The Mayfield Curio Cabinet is perfect for almost any room, and allows plenty of display space with the adjustable glass shelving. The wood-framed sliding glass door, 3-level LED touch lighting, and hidden storage cabinet make this curio cabinet a functional piece of furniture for a beautiful display.   This mirror backed cabinet with adjustable glass display shelving is an elegant way to display collectables. The touch-latch side-access doors, 3-level LED lighting, and magnetic touch-latch side access cabinets make this curio cabinet a functional piece of furniture. 5.) The Murphy Desk The Murphy desk is one of the coolest and most innovative pieces of furniture in our line. The desk resembles a murphy bed, just like the name suggests, and creates an epic space-saving solution for even the smallest spaces. Get the luxury of a full-sized desk without the space a full-sized desk usually requires. Here are some pictures that will display the functionality of this awesome desk:   Aside from the awesome functional design, this desk also features storage shelves, a filing cabinet, and a pull-up drawer to use for things like printers. Close it up and all the clutter disappears, making your house look super clean and tidy! 6.) Kitchen Islands One of the most cluttered rooms in the house ends up being the kitchen. The kitchen is the place where the family gathers at the end of a long day, and it’s always nice to be in a clean, tidy environment. Our kitchen islands provide functional storage, additional seating for the kitchen, and an added style element to bring your kitchen to life. The granite tops allow for easy preparation of food, while the variety of finishes allows our kitchen islands to blend seamlessly into a variety of kitchens. The Chef Kitchen Island is the perfect way to add functionality and extra storage space to your kitchen. Several drawers allow for tidy storage of your kitchen items, while the pull out trash bin keeps your garbage out of sight. The open shelf allows for storage of every day items to keep them in arm’s reach, while the other side of this kitchen island has a built-in pot rack to free up cabinet space and make your pots and pans easily accessible. The real granite countertop is both luxurious and functional, extending counter space in the kitchen and making food preparation a breeze. Available in a clean White finish, a chic Weathered Oak finish, or a warm Light Summer Sand finish, this kitchen island is sure to blend seamlessly with a variety of décor.   This kitchen island is a perfect place to help organize your kitchen and provide additional seating with the breakfast bar. The real granite top blends beautifully with the clean, White finish. The two storage drawers with brushed Nickel hardware are perfect for storage of kitchen utensils, while the two open storage shelves are perfect for storage of items that are needed close-at-hand. KI10289-PI04-sample A-HCH-WH-room shot-01 The Host Kitchen Island allows for functional storage and organization while creating a stylish centerpiece in your kitchen. The sleek granite top flawlessly integrates with this kitchen island’s gorgeous finish and the two display cabinets with glass and wood cabinet doors. The stemware storage rack stores all of your stemware, while the slotted wood shelves provide storage for up to 12 wine bottles. The wooden shelves can be turned over to use the flat surface for additional kitchen storage. The top, partitioned shelf is perfect for storage of every day items to keep them close at reach. This kitchen island also features a breakfast bar to create added seating in your kitchen. Available in a sleek White finish or in an inviting Dark Antique Pine finish, The Host Kitchen Island flawlessly integrates into a variety of kitchens. 7.) Bell’O Digital Speaker Shelf The new Bell’O Digital speaker shelf is like nothing else on the market. Listen to crystal clear vocals and immersive sound with this sound shelf’s integrated speakers. Brought to you by Bell’O Digital, the compact design fills even the largest rooms with stunning audio – and because this sound shelf is Bluetooth-enabled, you can stream music from your library or popular music services like Spotify, iTunes, and Pandora wirelessly from your phone, tablet or music player. Bring your TV shows and movies to life with the theater-like sound by connecting your television through the unit’s A/V inputs. The 12″ deep shelf is perfect for storage of media components, or simply for a cute display for every holiday and season. Available in 40”, 50” or 60” lengths, this beautifully integrated sound shelf is a great addition to any home theater or room. The dark espresso wooden shelf discretely hides a professionally engineered sound system offering a high-output Class-D amplifier, professionally tuned speaker drivers, and large sound cavity- providing the perfect dynamic for a rewarding listening experience.   ]]>