About Twin Star Home

The home is one of the most sacred places, where everything is more personal, and where memories are made. At Twin Star Home, we have a tremendous opportunity to create engaging experiences and lasting relationships with our consumers. As the lines between indoors and outdoors blur, we have a vision of home that encompasses all the spaces that make our life at home as beautiful as we can imagine.

With a long history as the #1 leader in electric fireplaces, we are forging the way in new categories – as the leader in standing desks and a trailblazer in outdoor furniture. While we expand our horizons into new areas of consumers’ home, we will continue to focus on creating design-rich home furnishings that offer innovation that matters and enhances not only their environment and aesthetics, but also the way they live.

Whether it’s winter or summer, indoors or outdoors, the Twin Star Home family of brands offers consumers a variety of options for home furnishings that provide style, warmth, and comfort – both inside their homes—and out.

Our Mission

Twin Star Home brings warmth, beauty, and function into consumers’ homes through innovative, design-rich fireplaces and home furnishings. We start and end everything with a consumer lens, and un-locking value and driving growth is at our core, so that we make a positive impact on all of our constituents’ lives.

Our Culture & Values

Our employees are our most precious resource. We want to create an environment where people build on each other’s ideas, are empowered within their roles to drive growth, and use our consumer insight tools to better serve all of our constituents. We work hard, but we have fun too!

Consumer First
Work hard
Have fun
Deliver results