What accent furniture will help me be a better host?

Accent Furniture for the Host with the Most

As a host, you want your home to feel warm and inviting to guests. And sometimes, all it takes is a few accent furniture pieces to get every space in your home ready for entertaining. From formal dinner parties to casual game nights, be the host with the most when you outfit your home with these furniture must-haves.

4 Accent Furniture Essentials Every Host Needs

1. Bluetooth®-Compatible TV Stands: Music to Your Ears

Home entertainment centers are becoming less and less common in the modern home. That’s because the equipment that used to be necessary to play music and sound from your television can now fit in the palm of your hand. As a result, TV stands have a smaller footprint now than they ever used to have. And that’s where this next furniture essential comes in.

What accent furniture should I put in my living room for great hosting?
This Bluetooth Compatible TV Stand with Sliding Barn Doors from Twin Star Home™ makes entertaining easy.

Bluetooth®-compatible TV stands should be a staple in every host’s home. Besides adding style to your space and serving as a place to display your flat-screen TV, these types of stands have Bluetooth® speakers integrated into their design. That means you can stream music wirelessly while maintaining the sleek, streamlined look of your living room. Plus, you can even hook up your TV to the speakers for an enhanced listening experience.

Our Recommendation:

With the ability to hold up to a 60-inch television, this Bluetooth Compatible TV Stand with Sliding Barn Doors upgrades the look and function of your existing entertainment center. Its rustic espresso finish adds style to your living room. Meanwhile, dual cabinets and eight interior shelves provide plenty of space to store your game consoles, cable box, DVDs and other must-haves. Best of all, it includes Bluetooth®-compatible speakers. Get used to streaming your favorite music and podcasts from anywhere in the room without even having to leave your chair. Who knew entertaining could be so effortless?

Not to mention, this piece of furniture gives your guests a way to engage more during parties. Try letting them supply some of the music with their own devices, because as Oprah.com points out, “The music matters.”

2. Fireplaces: Heating Up Accent Furniture

Around the holidays – and frankly, any time during the chilly winter months – a warm fire can set the mood for your get-together. Fireplaces add warmth to your space, both literally and figuratively. Fortunately, you don’t need a wood-burning fireplace to enjoy the warm glow of a fire these days. Thanks to electric fireplaces, it’s easy to add a cozy touch to any space, from the living room to the dining room. And you can still enjoy the ambiance of a dancing fire even when the weather warms up with flame effects that work with or without the heat. These are accent furniture pieces that really make your home a great place to gather.

Which electric fireplace is the best accent furniture for hosting?
A wall mantel with electric fireplace can make your home a great place to entertain and styles like this one blend seamlessly with coastal cottage or modern farmhouse décor.

Our Recommendation:

ClassicFlame®, the market leader in electric fireplaces, offers an extensive selection of stylish wall mantels powered by electricity. Reminiscent of traditional fireplaces, wall mantel electric fireplaces are an ideal way to create a supplemental zone heating strategy for your space. They also offer the appearance of a real gas or wood-burning fireplace.

3. Bar and Wine Cabinets: Serving Up Fun

Whether you’re a purveyor of fine wines or enjoy mixed drinks, a bar or wine cabinet is a must for any avid entertainer. For one, placing a freestanding bar/wine cabinet in a space other than your kitchen helps prevent traffic jams when it’s time for a refill. Secondly, these cabinets organize and present your bottles in an attractive way. Plus, if you plan on keeping wine in your cabinet, you can store the bottles safely in the horizontal position. No more air seepage, no more spoiled wine!

What makes a bar cabinet the best accent furniture for hosting?
This wine bar cabinet with mirror accent doors makes storing wine bottles, wine glasses, and other items easy. It’s also a great place to set up the bar other than the kitchen!

Our Recommendation:

Available in a stunning Valley Pine with mirror accent doors, the wine bar cabinet pictured above features hanging stemware storage, as well as wine bottle storage for up to 12 wine bottles. There’s also a handy storage drawer, as well as an open shelf for your wine glasses.

4. Lift-top Coffee Tables: Accent Furniture with an Act

Perfect for serving hors d’oeuvres, lift-top coffee tables are another type of accent furniture that offers a clever design to make life easier. Simply raise the tabletop up and forward. Then, guests can enjoy snacks while relaxing on the couch without the fear of spilling guacamole or onion dip on seating surfaces. Oftentimes, these types of coffee tables also feature hidden storage for keeping board games and extra blankets. Their versatile design makes them a staple in any host’s living room.

Our Recommendation:

Stylish, yet functional, the Modern Dweller Lift-Top Coffee Table combines Aged Brushed Brass legs with a Midnight Walnut top for retro-modern style. In addition to its good looks, this coffee table features a manual lift top. That way, it coverts into a flexible place to put out food and keep your guests out of the kitchen. Buy it now to turn your living room into a hub for hosting.

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Being the perfect host isn’t always easy. But with the right furniture pieces, you’ll feel much of the weight being lifted off of your shoulders. Check out the wide array of Twin Star Home™ products or browse more ideas and inspiration to see how you can turn your home into a great entertaining space.