Home Theater Furniture

Beginner’s Guide to Home Theater Media Furniture

TV stands with built-in speakers remove all the hassle of buying and installing equipment and concealing cables. If you’re just starting your theater, place your TV on the TV stand and connect it to the speakers. It’s so easy! If the speakers are Bluetooth® compatible like they are in the Twin Star Home™ Uptown Loft™ TV stand, you can stream audio from your phone or tablet. Not only can you do this when you spend time with family, but you can also make completing chores more fun. I like to play podcasts or YouTube videos in the background to liven up my dishwashing and laundry-folding experience. Before you start whatever chore needs to be done, stream your audio book or favorite playlist to breathe a little fun into boring tasks. You can also let your guests connect to the speakers to share their favorite media. The importance of sound in today’s society – as a method of unwinding after work, distracting yourself during a workout, or simply multitasking – shines a light on how much sound affects our physiological and psychological state. In his TED Talk, The 4 Ways Sound Affects Us, Julian Treasure explains that these are two of the four ways sound makes an impact on us. Everything gets a little better when you turn up the volume on music or podcasts you love.   Tv stand with electric fireplaceElectric Fireplace Tv Stand

Create Ambiance with an Electric Fireplace

For a welcoming room that vision boards are made of, you need more than just a stylish TV stand. Think about adding an electric fireplace so your room will rival your Pinterest board. Electric fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one that suits your home. Some TV stands even include electric fireplaces. As opposed to a wood-burning or gas fireplace, electric fireplaces are safer, feature realistic flame effects, and produce comfortable heat without the maintenance. Not only will you save money by watching movies at home, but you’ll spend less on your heating bill when you turn on your electric fireplace and turn down your thermostat. If the whole family is gathered in the theater, warm up the theater with the fireplace heater, instead of your central heat to benefit from supplemental zone heating. You’ll be using heat more efficiently, as opposed to heating empty rooms.  

Add More Style and Storage

Bookshelf room deviderModern Bookshelf A clever way to accessorize your theater and add storage: opt for bookshelves or room dividers. Whether you have an open space to separate or a room to furnish, a room divider like the Uptown Loft room divider, is a great storage piece to display knick-knacks or a collection. If you have a room with a bare wall, place the room divider against the wall to make a decorative backdrop or wall accent. One room divider may not cover the entire wall, so feel free to use more than one, or flank it with matching bookshelves. This will keep the room divider from awkwardly floating in the middle of the wall, and give it a more anchored look when it covers more space. If you need concealed storage, place your items in matching bins. Get a few extra so if you need more bins later, you won’t be stuck with a different design, compromising your well-planned wall art. This wall storage easily fills up a bare space while holding all your stuff. The Uptown Loft bookcase includes a cabinet so you can use open and concealed storage in one piece. This lets you accommodate multiple storage options into your theater, if you need it.  

To Wine or Not to Wine – Beverage Storage for Your Media Room

Tv Stand Wine Cabinet   Since you can’t watch a movie or host a party without good food and drink, your home theater will need some beverage storage for easy access to drinks. If you don’t have room for more furniture, a TV stand with bottle storage can house your growing wine collection. Slotted or grooved shelves let you store bottles and keep them from sliding around. Some slotted shelves are easily reversible, so you can flip them over for standard flat storage. The Don’t Fret Bluetooth® compatible TV stand has all these features, making it a great theater companion.     Loft furniture with fireplace So, take screen time to a communal space to bring everyone together and host like a pro. Strategically placed media furniture and stylish, functional pieces will turn your room into the home theater it was meant to be. To make it simple, think about what you’d need in your theater and keep the amount of space you have to work with in mind. Start with the basics and you’ll be finished in no time. Sources: https://www.ted.com/talks/julian_treasure_the_4_ways_sound_affects_us ]]>