What is the best furniture for a small living room?

Best Furniture for a Small Living Room

If you have a small living room, you know the struggle of finding furniture that fits. In reality, though, it’s easier than you think. That’s because there are a lot of great solutions out there for small spaces. They make it so you can get a fully functional room, but without all the clutter. Discover the possibilities below with these great Twin Star Home™ pieces.

Bunching Tables

Bunching tables are an amazing hack for small living rooms. What are they? They’re two separate matching side tables that fit together. So, you can use them alone as end tables, or arrange them side by side. Together, they form a full-size coffee table. Just be careful not to confuse bunching tables with nesting tables – the latter are tables that stack together.

For even more options, get two sets of bunching tables. Then, you’ll have four tables to mix and match around the room. For example, a big four-table setup is perfect for game nights with friends. But for everyday use, stick to one or two for the coffee table and use the others as end tables. You’ll have more floor space to walk this way.


What are bunching tables and how can I use them in my small living room?
Bunching tables offer flexibility. Those shown above can be arranged in a group of four with a quarter-bookmatch pattern that aligns together.

Storage Ottomans

Two-in-one items are essential for small living rooms, so a long-time favorite is the storage ottoman. Take the model shown below for example. Perfect for any living room, it has beautiful detailing on the sides and a stay-put lift top.

How cam I use a storage ottoman in my living room?
This ottoman, available on Wayfair, is multifunctional, offering storage for toys, blankets, or files.

What’s more, the faux leather seat offers an extra place for guests to sit. And inside, you can store things like files, blankets and movies. When you want to lounge back and relax, you can also use the ottoman as a footrest.

Electric Fireplace TV Stands in your Living Room

A TV stand can take up a lot of space. So why not make the most of it? Choose one that comes with a built-in electric fireplace. A Carrara marble inspired TV stand with electric fireplace and hidden storage is a great example from ClassicFlame®, the leader in electric fireplaces. Then you get a place for your TV, a cozy fire and lots of storage. That’s a lot of use packed into just one small section of the room.

How can a TV stand with electric fireplace help save space in small living room?
A TV stand with electric fireplace is multifunctional, offering storage, warmth and a beautiful spot for your television.

Mount your TV to the wall to free up even more space. Remember, just because your living room is small, doesn’t mean you have to give up anything. You can still fit in all the features you want while enjoying the look and comfort of luxury.

Stylized Small Space Furniture for your Living Room

In a larger living room, you have space for all the furniture and decorations you want. But in a smaller one, you have to get creative. That’s where statement pieces come in. Choose stylized furniture that provides both function and character at the same time.

If you love the farmhouse style, check out the new barn door collection on Wayfair. The items are high quality, practical and stylish. The barn door designs showcase your personal style. So, you won’t have to overwhelm the room with other décor.

Where can I find modern farmhouse furniture for my small living room?
A coordinated collection can make decorating a small space easy because different pieces work together, rather than competing with each other.

The barn door collection includes a TV stand, coffee table, side table and desk. With their low-profile structures, all these pieces are especially great for small spaces.

Lift-Top Coffee Tables

Aside from bunching tables, another great option for the living room is a lift-top coffee table. It was made with small spaces in mind. Because the top lifts up, it doubles as a desk and even a dining table. With this mind, you can save lots of space and still get everything you need.

Still, it gets better. The one shown below comes with storage, too. It has handy compartments underneath the top. Use them for remotes, electronics, books and more.  When it all boils down, the more storage options in a small living room, the better.

Where can I find a lift-top coffee table for my small living room?
A lift-top coffee table is multi-functional, allowing you to use it for dining, work, entertaining, and it even offers extra storage.

Explore More Space-Saving Solutions

The living room is one of, if not the most, important rooms in the house. It’s where everyone gathers and hangs out. And it’s probably where you spend most of your time. For that reason, it needs to be completely functional and stylish, no matter what size it is.

Twin Star Home™ has you covered. Shop our furniture for small spaces online today at places like Amazon and Wayfair. Need help? Have questions about usage, size or setup? Contact the team at Twin Star Home™, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.