Best Office Furniture to Help Productivity

Believe it or not, office furniture can have a big impact on your daily productivity. It can affect your overall happiness and even your energy levels, which in turn affect how much work you’re able to complete throughout the day. And depending on how the furniture is set up, it can either facilitate a good workflow or hinder your efforts. In fact, design experts and business owners alike often agree that furniture holds the secret to productivity. 

If you were hoping to increase your productivity this year, swapping out the furniture might just do the trick. With a few upgrades from our suggestions below, you’ll be well-prepared for a more productive day in your home work space or at the office. 

Adjustable Height Desks 

Office workers spend anywhere from five to eight hours sitting at their desks each day, and sometimes more. Unfortunately, sitting for such long periods of time takes a toll on our bodies both mentally and physically. It’s hard to be productive if we’re in pain or feel uncomfortable or drowsy. 

That’s why more and more people are switching to an adjustable height desk. Adjustable height desks are convertible, allowing you to both sit and stand as you desire. They’re becoming increasingly popular both for their health benefits and their productivity benefits.  

How so? Because adjusting the desk into a standing position helps relieve pressure on your body. It also improves circulation, delivering more oxygen to your brain to keep you awake, alert and focused on your daily to-do list. And because it’s adjustable, you can switch off between sitting and standing throughout the day. 

Our Recommendation: 

If you’re in the market for an adjustable height desk of your own, we suggest the Ashford™ Adjustable Height Desk from Twin Star Home™. We love it because not only does it have adjustable height settings, but it also has several other features to help increase productivity, including: 

  • Glass desktop that doubles as a dry-erase whiteboard for jotting down notes and ideas 
  • Silent operating controls 
  • Large organizer drawer to keep pens, pencils and other office supplies at your fingertips 
  • Illumitouch™ LED lighted control panel with digital readout (that includes a GetActive™ timer for a reminder to stand and programmable height presets) 

The Ashford Adjustable Height desk makes it easy to switch from sitting to standing during your workday with programmable height settings and a smooth-operating, quiet motor for adjustments. 


Organization is absolutely essential for a productive workday. It’s important to know where everything is at all times and to have easy access to it. But you don’t want to clutter up your desk with books, papers and knickknacks. Instead, use a bookcase or multiple bookcases to hold your supplies and odds and ends.  

The best thing about bookcases is their versatility. If you’re a writer or avid reader, you can use them to hold books, notebooks and research materials. But they also come in handy for storing files and loose items, as well as printers and other electronics. Or, you can display awards or photos on the shelves for a touch of inspiration while you work. Plants and small décor items can add personality to the work space, as well, to improve your overall mood.  

Our Recommendation: 

We think the Uptown Loft™ Multipurpose Bookcase from Twin Star Home is perfect for virtually any office with a sophisticated design suitable for professional environments. It also offers a combination of open shelving and closed cabinet storage, so you can display what you want and hide the rest out of sight. 

The Uptown Loft bookcase (seen in back right of photo) offers both open and enclosed storage for options to organize your office for productivity. 

Rolling Filing Cabinets 

Finally, every productive office needs a rolling file cabinet. No matter what type of work you’re doing, you’re bound to have papers piling up. A filing cabinet can help keep the office neat and organized. And since it rolls, you can have easy access to it from anywhere in the room.  

Our Recommendation: 

If you’re really looking for a productivity increase, go with the Genevieve™ Rolling Filing Cabinet from Twin Star Home. It comes complete with a hidden, integrated charging station. You can use the two outlets and two USB ports to plug in your devices and keep cords under control. Plus, the rich Waxy Weathered Pine finish and Antique Pewter hardware are the picture of professionalism.  

The Genevieve Rolling Filing Cabinet (seen under fireplace) is a beautiful and stylish way to store files in your home office.  

Create a Space that Fosters Productivity 

These furniture pieces can help significantly boost the functionality and aesthetics of your office space. Remember, your furniture is the foundation of your work environment, so make sure it has everything you need for success. Browse our blog for more ideas and inspiration.