Cozy Winter Home Decorating Ideas

When your home is cozy and warm, you won’t mind the frigid temperatures and gloomy weather that can keep you inside all winter. Just look at the Danes. Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world, despite having some of the harshest winters. That’s because they use this time of year as an opportunity to embrace what they call hygge (pronounced hʊɡə) – a sense of coziness and comfort. So, as you think about decorating for winter, follow their example with the help of these design tips from Twin Star Home™.


Looking for the most hyggelig (hygge-like) ways to infuse your home with welcoming comfort? Consider candles. In the Little Book of Hygge, Danish author Meik Wiking writes, “When Danes are asked what they most associate with hygge, an overwhelming 85 percent will mention candles.” To help make your own home cozy this winter, stock up on your favorite candles and light them every chance you get. Add them to your mantel, countertops, bedside tables, coffee tables and everywhere in-between to create the perfect winter ambiance.

You can even put a modern spin on this hygge trend by incorporating electric candles, like the ones used in duraflame® portable LED electric lanterns. With the realistic electric candles glowing inside and the heat produced (for up to 1,000 square feet), they’re an essential ingredient for a hygge home.


Similar to candles, fireplaces are another important staple of hygge culture. The dancing flames and comfortable warmth create an inviting atmosphere like nothing else can. However, messy ash, harsh smells and constant maintenance can put a damper on your hygge spirit. Instead of a real wood-burning or gas fireplace, get an electric fireplace. With the simple press of a button, you can have instant coziness in your home. Some models come with stunning 3D Flame® Effects (as in the ClassicFlame® PanoGlow™ seen below in the Hamilton™ collection), allowing you to change the color and speed of the flames to suit your mood. And perhaps best of all, electric fireplaces allow you to enjoy the heat and the light without all the mess or upkeep.

How can I make my home cozier this winter?
A 3D ClassicFlame® electric fireplace like this one featured in the Hamilton collection by Twin Star Home™ is a beautiful way to add dancing flames, ambiance and a sense of hygge to any home.

Decorated Mantels

A simple, yet impactful, way to transform your home for winter is by decorating the mantel. After the holidays come and go and you take down the stockings, you can still use candles, books, picture frames,
garlands and other accent pieces to make it feel homey. Don’t have a mantel? No problem. You can easily install a wall mantel in your living room, dining room, office or bedroom. With a wall mantel electric fireplace from ClassicFlame®, the leader in electric fireplaces, it’s easy to create the perfect space for relaxing afternoons of crafting, sharing a board game with friends and family or getting lost in a good book.


Blankets and pillows have the power to make any room feel cozy and comfy. Look for winter-themed designs, or opt for the timeless appeal of white faux fur. When it’s time to cuddle up by the fire on bitter cold days, you’ll be grateful for these snug, soft hygge essentials. Similarly, area rugs can help make your home feel relaxing and lived-in, as well as take the chill away from wood, vinyl or tile floors. The best part is that textiles are easy to swap out from one season to the next, so you’ll always be ready to jump on the next design trend.

How can textiles give my home a cozy, hygge feeling?
Blankets, rugs and other textures in a room help create a cozy feeling.

Hot Drinks

It’s not hygge without hot drinks. Whether you prefer coffee, tea or hot cocoa, grab your favorite mug and let the warm, delicious flavor soothe you from the inside out. You can even make your hot drink

accessories part of your home décor. For example, you can display a stylish tea kettle on your stove or create a cozy coffee nook with your collection of mugs out for all to see. Wine lovers can also bring hygge to their home by displaying bottles and glasses in a stylish wine cabinet. Mulled wine makes a great winter warmer, and guests won’t be able to resist its sweet, spicy scents and flavors.


If you’re looking for more ways to make your home feel cozy in the wintertime, you can never go wrong with plants. In a hygge home, flowers, trees, succulents, wreaths, garlands, potted plants and other greenery are always welcome. Jeanne Chung, founder of the upscale Pasadena, CA interior design resource “Cozy Stylish Chic,” is no stranger to using plant life in cozy designs for her clients. Chung says, “I use greenery to add color, texture and dimension. It adds that final layer to a room. When you mix those elements together it looks natural – not forced.” For those who lack a green thumb, artificial plants are an easy way to try this trend. If you do choose living plants, however, opt for those that are in season to truly embrace the beauty of winter.

How can plants make my home decor cozier?
Plants can also be a great way to help create a hygge home.

Start Decorating

Is your home ready for winter yet? By swapping out a few décor pieces and incorporating some elements of hygge, you can give your house the perfect winter makeover. Find furniture from Twin Star Home that complements your space today to start enjoying warmth, ambiance and comfort.