Electric Fireplaces; At the Cutting Edge of Environmentally Conscious Warmth and Ambiance

ClassicFlame by Twin-Star Intl. is widely recognized for having the “Finest Furniture in the Electric Fireplace Industry”, and now retailers, designers, builders, and journalists alike are realizing electric fireplaces are both beautiful and environmentally friendly. Electric Fireplaces were recently mentioned in the New York Times as an alternative to wood and gas fireplaces for creating a safe, affordable and clean way to enjoy all of the features of a traditional fire without the hazards. One of the most prominent ways this is achieved is with zero emissions. The indoor and outdoor pollution of a traditional fireplace are alleviated because an electric insert requires no venting, filtering or maintenance to ensure no toxins such as Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide or Formaldehyde are being released into the home or the environment. Also unlike wood or gas burning fireplaces there is no waste or expense of natural resources in order to supply ambiance and warmth to the home. 100% of the electric input energy is used to create a flame effect and a heat source, which will warm approximately 400 sq. ft. Additionally, if you zone heat your home, you won’t be wasting energy heating rooms that are rarely used which according to the Energy Information Administration will save consumers on their overall annual heating costs. ClassicFlame broke the energy efficiency barrier of electric inserts in 2008 when it introduced an industry first, all LED electric insert. Conventional electric inserts require up to 120 watts of incandescent candelabra light bulbs, while the LED’s in a ClassicFlame insert use a mere 11.2 watts. The LED’s also give maximum function to ClassicFlame’s inserts as recently exhibited by their patent pending on-screen indicator which displays flame brightness settings, down lights, logset and ember bed undulation, a digital thermostat, and even a timer that can be set between 30 minutes and 9 hours to allow for maximum efficiency. Twin-Star International, the parent company of the ClassicFlame brand was recently admitted to the Sustainable Furnishings Council for their commitment to ensure a healthy balance between social equity and environmental issues. “Our SFC certification designates us as an organization committed to an improved global environment, and holds us accountable for our own impact as we continue to implement and modify our manufacturing processes in the most earth friendly direction possible.” says Alexia Rouquette, Director of Marketing and Public Relations. To be accepted as a member of the SFC Twin-Star committed to a program that continually improves their impact on people, the environment and the economy. Ways Twin-Star has ensured to meet this goal include regularly requiring a verifiable chain of custody on wood products they purchase. They’ve also decreased their use and acceptance of toxic chemicals common in binders, finishes and treatments that are known indoor air quality hazards, and they recycle all post construction wood materials to be reused in future production. In addition to the SFC, ClassicFlame’s PRO division is a certified member of the USGBC(United States Green Building Council). ClassicFlame PRO inserts are specially designed to be built directly into the wall of any building. Ideal applications for this insert include apartment buildings, health care facilities, assisted living homes, RV’s, boats, and the list can go on, but the premise here is that builders, specifiers and even home owners can easily add a “built-in” fireplace to any project without the need for permits and venting, and without the eco and safety hazards of a traditional fireplace. For product questions or information please visit twinstarhome and classicflame or contact: Brian Brigham Director of Marketing & Public Relations Twin-Star International 561-901-5609 [email protected] ]]>