Fall In Love With These Autumn Mantel Decorating Ideas

For our fall mantel decorating, we went for a shabby chic look. We used tan, gold, silver and bronze to help complete the look on our Wyatt Electric Fireplace Mantel. Check out our video of our mantel to see more: [embed]http://youtu.be/UQZRNIra7qY[/embed]   The Wyatt features a tiered molding mantel top and beveled base with a reverse breakfront profile. The two side storage cabinets with doors feature brushed nickel hardware and open to reveal adjustable wood shelves. The full-length, open center shelf can accommodate a speaker sound bar or other electronic media components. We used a 28” Spectrafire Plus™ fireplace insert, with Spectrafire Plus™ customizable flame effect technology, which allows you to select between five flame brightness settings, five flame speed settings, and five distinct flame colors – providing the perfect ambiance for your environment. For a classic, wood burning fire effect, the blue flame can be completely turned off. The fireplace insert features digital function indicators, and can be operated with or without heat for all year enjoyment. Learn more about Spectrafire Plus™ customizable flame effect technology by clicking here: https://www.twinstarhome.com/?page_id=1303 We gathered our supplies at Michaels Craft Store for this mantel decoration and began embellishing this gorgeous mantel. We started by creating our burlap banner. We bought the burlap squares pre-cut from Michaels and painted the words, “Fall In Love” across the banner. After the paint dried, we attached the burlap squares to a string of twine with mini clothespins. We then attached the banner to our mantel and started working on our background. For the background, we gathered chargers in silver, gold, and bronze, and attached them to our wall in a random pattern. We then added a louvered shutter, a white frame, and a wooden star to add height to our decoration. Next, we placed our fall floral arrangement and lantern on either side of the mantel to add balance to the height of our décor. We filled in the middle of the mantel with varying size pumpkins in our color palette and then filled in the rest of the mantel with a mossy-like straw. We positioned some candles throughout the décor to soften the mood and emphasize the depth of our mantel. For in front of the mantel, we added burlap-wrapped boxes on one side and a wooden crate on the other side. We attached a burlap bow to the side of our wooden crate, and filled our crate with fall-colored leaves and a large white pumpkin. We added a few more pumpkins around the crate for the extra fall feel, and then we were done! This fall and winter are supposed to be extra chilly, so don’t get caught in the cold! If you don’t already have a fabulous mantel to decorate, it’s never been a better time to get one! We have a variety of mantels and heaters that are sure to provide the perfect fit for any room. Find out more about Twin-Star Home Furnishings and our extensive product lines by visiting https://www.twinstarhome.com! Make sure you send us your fall mantel decorations on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TwinStarInternational!   ]]>