3 Reasons to Go Green with Electric Fireplaces

go green the right way this Earth Day.

1. Lose the emissions

Gas and wood-burning fireplaces rely heavily on natural resources to produce heat for your home. Those fuels are also costly, in more ways than one. On top of draining the green from your wallet, gas and wood-burning fireplaces also add hazardous and dangerous gases into your home in the form of smoke and soot. These chemicals can include carbon monoxide, a clear gas that is virtually undetectable and extremely dangerous. Rather than board up your fireplace for good or spend thousands on a home renovation, electric fireplace inserts are available as an easy way to alleviate these concerns. Available in several designs and styles, select your favorite and simply close the flue and chimney system for optimal enjoyment. Unlike gas and wood fireplaces, electric fireplaces require just a standard household outlet to produce heat and a realistic flame. They are 100% emissions-free, keeping your family and your home safe throughout the year.

2. Become energy efficient

Due to expensive operating costs, most gas or wood-burning owners only opt to use their fireplaces occasionally. Even then, they’re more for aesthetics than warmth, as traditional fireplaces lose up to 50% of their usable heat right through the flue and chimney. Electric fireplaces, however, allow you to strategically heat your home through supplemental zone heating. With zone heating, you turn down the central thermostat to focus the warm air in the room(s) you use the most, reducing wasted energy and lowering your electric bill, as well. Even better, all electric fireplaces include an independent heat-flame effect so you can enjoy a dancing fire throughout the year, and not just in the middle of winter

3. Make a worthwhile investment

Keeping the heat where you need it most, avoiding unnecessary maintenance and repair costs, and optimizing your home’s energy efficiency are several things gas and wood-burning fireplace owners are missing out on. Spend this Earth Day investing in a green option for your home that will last for years to come. Guest post provided by Lauren Monitz of ElectricFireplacesDirect.com, the #1 online source for electric fireplaces and a major distributor of Twin-Star brand products. ]]>