Home Furnishings for the Holidays: The Perfect Storage Solutions

Just because you’re decorating for the holidays doesn’t mean all of your year-round décor disappears. But once it’s time to lay out the garland and the table top train the kids love, or you’re ready to swap out your regular votives for sweet holiday scented candles, where does all of your other stuff go?

Home furnishings with added storage are your best bet this time of year. Here are some things to consider when choosing incredibly helpful furniture pieces that look great year-round while being especially beneficial during the holidays.

Don’t Fret Over Limited Storage with a Helpful Ottoman

When people hear the word “storage,” they typically think of drawers and cabinets and the like. But more and more modern furniture design has added storage in the sneakiest and most clever places that we often take for granted.

Take the Don’t Fret™ Ottoman from Twin Star Home™ for example. Ottomans are pieces of furniture that many people already use in their homes as foot rests or extra seating that can easily be moved out of the way. Twin Star Home took this common accent item a step further by adding a flip top opening to a sturdy, hollow base for concealed storage within an already multi-purpose piece. Suddenly, you have a cute piece that works with your life all year long that can also make space for nutcrackers and other

decorations you want to put out. Stow things like contemporary vases and other year-round knickknacks in it or make it your new place to hide holiday gifts from the kids!

You Can’t Have a Secretary Desk without Secret Storage

I can’t say enough about a good secretary desk. They serve as a writing area, extra storage, a display surface – they have a little bit of everything to offer. From a foyer or living room to a bedroom or office, they can pretty much go anywhere in your home.

The secretary desk in my entry way at home gives me a beautiful area where my succulents and fun photo frames sit while holding some extra throw blankets for my living room in the drawers. However, possibly my favorite thing about it is the fold out surface where I plop my keys and the mail when I get home. What’s more, the slots and cubbies in it make it perfectly okay to do so. It’s a piece of furniture that begs to just hold things, and frankly, most of us need that in our year-round busy lives. Even better though is that when it comes time for holiday decorating, I can stow away my succulents in the little cubbies and use the slots for my photo frames (or the mail, like I’m supposed to). That way, the top of the secretary desk is free and clear for a place to lay garland, snow globes, beautiful cards I want to display from loved ones, and other holiday trinkets and baubles.

If you’re thinking about a secretary desk for any of your rooms, check out this one from the Swedish Classics™ Collection by Twin Star Home, which delivers on both form and function. Not only will it hold all of your holiday treasures in the off-season, convenient power outlets inside make it super simple to plug in holiday lights and other powered decorations that you set on top.

Secretary Desk

Up Your Storage Game with a Lift-Top Coffee Table

I have a huge assortment of holiday decorations specifically for my living room, with items like snowflake coasters and themed coffee table books laying all over. The way I get by when it comes to swapping out my décor is with a Lift-Top coffee table. This one from Twin Star Home’s Modern Dweller™ Collection can hold all sorts of stuff but is still sleek enough and saves space compared to bulky, space-hogging storage.


Even if you don’t have holiday decorations busting out of closets, the lift-top coffee table can hold other living room essentials like remotes, extra batteries, gaming controllers, and so much more. That way, when you do have your home decorated for the season, you can keep your coffee table clean and clear of items not being used so that your home’s holiday theme can truly shine. As you may have guessed, keeping your coffee free of clutter is also nice for the entire year, making the lift-top coffee table a furniture staple that is always useful. 

Store and Conceal in Style with Barn Doors 

With “modern farmhouse” design dominating home decorating trends, barn doors are definitely the look to have for a home that’s in style. However, barn doors are also very functional when it comes to storage. A TV stand with sliding barn doors is excellent for concealing those items you want out of sight and displaying seasonal knickknacks. Slide the doors over to cover up media consoles and reveal things like the crystal ornament your mom gave you or the holiday frame your kids made. In addition, if you get something like the Bluetooth® Compatible TV Stand with Sliding Barn Doors by Twin Star Home, you save even more space by having built-in speakers for streaming audio. You won’t have to take up a whole shelf with stereo equipment since you can easily listen to you holiday jingles right through the included Bluetooth® system. 

Don’t have a TV in your living room? The TV stand can be used as an accent piece in the living room, dining room, foyer, or anywhere you need a bit of extra storage. For example, if you’re like me, you have A LOT of throw blankets and this is the perfect place to put them. Toss your holiday throws on the couch and pack away your year-round ones in the TV stand. Conceal anything that is not seasonally appropriate or the stuff that you just don’t want to show off. Display the home accessories you love and store the eye-sores, all while giving your home a year-round design upgrade.  

Tv stand with speaker

Are Your Home Furnishings Ready for the Holidays? 

Decorating for the holidays is a fun time and space constraints shouldn’t hold you back from enjoying it. Additionally, buying furniture shouldn’t be season-centric. You deserve a home that looks great with furniture that works with your lifestyle and home design all year long. Learn about the pieces mentioned here and get more refurnishing inspo from the Twin Star Home website, www.twinstarhome.com. To keep up with new style ideas for every season, don’t forget to give us a Like on Facebook or follow our handle @twinstarhome on Instagram and Twitter.