Home Furnishings that Stand Out on Game Day

The countdown has started as the end of football season approaches and invites to watch the big game have started to roll in. If your home happens to be one of the hot spots for a viewing party, the clock is also ticking on getting your living room Game. Day. Ready. Not to worry though! If you’re looking for some last-minute home upgrades, we’ve gathered a list of stylish pieces keeping you and all the football-watching comfort in mind. Read on for the best home furnishings to help you step up your living room’s style game and make the most of your football party. 

1. Pump Up the Volume with the Barn Door Bluetooth® Compatible TV Stand 

Not only does this TV stand offer you chic, modern farmhouse style with true sliding barn doors, it also gives you a superior viewing experience. With built-in speakers and A/V hookups, the barn door Bluetooth® compatible TV stand from Twin Star Home™ allows you to directly connect media components for an easy, no-fuss entertainment setup. If you’re the type that likes putting your neighbors to shame with how great your entertainment system is, then you’ll also love the theater-like sound quality that these premium digital speakers bring right into your own home.  

Better yet, this TV stand helps you to keep the party going even after the game is over. If your team wins, just use the Bluetooth® compatible function to wirelessly connect with your smartphone and stream some celebratory tunes while you gloat in front of your friends. However, they’ll probably be too impressed with your TV stand to care if their team lost. 

2. Turn Up the Heat with the Bluetooth® Compatible TV Stand with Fire 

Sometimes the big game calls for an even bigger TV stand. Get all the support your giant flat screen needs for a big viewing with the Bluetooth® compatible TV stand with fire that can hold most TVs up to 80 inches and 155 pounds. Not to mention, it offers all the same perks of the sliding barn door Bluetooth® compatible TV stand, plus the benefits of brilliant fire.  

As guests come in from the frigid winter air, let them know they’re in the right place on Game Day by greeting them with warm electric fire that is efficient and healthier than traditional wood or gas burning fireplaces. If your Game Day is a whole family type of affair, the electric flames are safe for pets and any kiddos enjoying the fun, too. Once everyone is warmed up, you can keep enjoying the ambiance of realistic flames even if the heat is turned off.  

3. Snack Better with a Lift Top Coffee Table 

The Modern Dweller collection lift top coffee table from Twin Star Home offers hidden storage on Game Day. 

If your friends are anything like mine, then yelling at the screen as chips fly through the air feels more like the great American pastime instead of football itself. To keep up with them, bring your snack game to their level with the Modern Dweller collection lift top coffee table from Twin Star Home. For rowdy company that likes to stand while cheering for their team, simply raise snack bowls and appetizers with the built-in lift-top mechanism. 

If your guests manage to keep calm while they football on, this coffee table is still a great Game Day upgrade since the lift top also provides extra storage. Stowing living room and media accessories within the hidden compartment of the table helps to make room for all your favorite party snacks. Because who wants queso dripping onto coffee table books or gaming controllers? 

4. Maximize Space with a C-Table 

The Wright collection C-table offers more surface area for small space living. 

Small space living sometimes means having to find ways to make your living room accommodate the company you wish to entertain. Even if you don’t live in an apartment, loft, or smaller condo, your living room still becomes a high-traffic area and can suddenly feel that much smaller during football season. One great way to maximize your floor space and make room for guests on Game Day is with a C-table. 

The base of the C-table from Twin Star Home’s Wright collection slides right underneath your sofa or love seat and extends up and over your furniture. The top rests above the armrest or seat cushion so that there is an added surface that is compact and doesn’t take away from the rest of the room. That way, you still get the table area your friends need for beverages without sacrificing the space you need for everyone to move around. 

5. Keep the Party Inclusive with a Wine Cabinet 

The Swedish Classics collection wine cabinet keeps everyone entertained. 

We all have those friends who are actually not that into football. You know, the ones that enjoy sipping a glass of wine while watching the infamous commercials more than watching the game. However, they’re our friends so we still invite them over on Game Day. For a complete viewing party that takes them into account, we recommend the Twin Star Home Swedish Classics collection wine cabinet. That way, you’ll be the hostess with the mostess who makes everyone feel at home – even the soccer fanatic and the girlfriend who only came over because her boyfriend did.  

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