Home Furnishings Tips for Friendsgiving

Last year, the holidays were somewhat hectic for my boyfriend Josh and I… Ok, with visiting more than four places in one day for separate Thanksgiving celebrations, it might have been a little more than “somewhat” hectic. But this year is going to be different.

We are thrilled to be celebrating the holidays together for the first time in our new place! To lessen the pressure of where to go and who to celebrate with, we decided that any friend or family member is welcome to come to our little home for one big Friendsgiving instead. We couldn’t be more excited to entertain and see everyone all in one place, but to throw a proper party, the new apartment could use a few holiday-ready home furnishings…

A Coffee Table to Be Used All Day

I never admitted it until now, but I have to say, I hate my dining room table. It’s definitely cute and fits in with the rest of my apartment, but it’s just overall uncomfortable. Josh and I only use it when we are sorting through bills or researching things like health plans online. Not exactly the type of boring vibe I want going around during a Friendsgiving celebration.

The heart of our apartment is the living room and we often wind up dining at the coffee table. The living room is an ideal space for our Friendsgiving, too – it’s cozy, inviting, and with our L-shaped sofa and accent seating it has plenty of room for all of our friends. Ideally though, I’d love to upgrade our coffee table. I’m thinking something like the lift-top coffee table from Twin Star Home’s Modern Dweller Collection would be perfect for the holidays.

Lift Top Coffee table

Since the top lifts up, I can see it being a good place for everyone to gather round during that standing phase that excited friends go through for an hour or so after first getting to a party. Then, I can easily transition it from holding hors d’oeuvres to being a casual place to rest dinner plates.

A Buffet Table with Big Personality

I do want to cook a nice Thanksgiving meal for the people I care about. However, my friends know not to expect traditional “serving” from me. Although casual, Friendsgiving is a big day and I’ll be doing lots of work for it! That’s why my house on Friendsgiving is going to be all about the buffet style.

So, I need a buffet table that is large enough to accommodate all of our Friendsgiving food. I don’t want to do a folding table like my family had when I was a kid for pulling out over the holidays (you know, the one that doubles as dad’s poker table or the display table during the kids’ bake sales). While I won’t be doing traditional holiday serving, I am still a big fan of presentation. Therefore, I want a buffet table with style that I can keep out all year. Since we have an open-concept floorplan, it also has to seamlessly blend with the rest of our eclectic apartment. But remember that awful dining table I so despise? There’s actually not room for both furniture pieces.

Loft furniture

A bonus would be if my new buffet table could replace my dining table. Cue the Uptown Loft Collection by Twin Star Home! Like a Friendsgiving Godsend, the Command Central Desk from this collection is not only large enough for all the holiday food, it’s industrial look blends in with our mix of classic and modern tastes and the rich woods we have throughout our home. Better yet, it makes a perfect couple-sized dining table once the party is over and my boyfriend and I have to live with it. This is the beginning of a whole new world where… (gasp) I actually use my dining room to dine!



Something for Wine O’Clock

Celebrations in my home usually don’t stop with dinner. My friends have come to quote Jimmy Buffet whenever they hear I’m having a get-together, with “its five o’clock somewhere” referring to my infamous margaritas. Although my margs are pretty spectacular, this occasion seems to call for one of the bottles of cabernet I’ve been slowly collecting over the past few months.

Our Friendsgiving is a casual holiday celebration, but I wouldn’t mind having the chance to be a bit more sophisticated and pull a bottle out from an actual wine cabinet instead of the area of counter space next to my coffee maker. Twin Star Home’s Modern Dweller Wine cabinet gives me the perfect mix of classy and cool. It has all the room needed for my wine bottles, a spot for stemware, and a handy drawer for stowing my cocktail recipes.


Mid century modern wine cabinet

Something to Put the Warmth in Friendsgiving

I have always loved fireplaces. Even as a kid, I’d fantasize about curling up in front of one with some big furry dog for my naps. I’ve simply always wanted one. As cheesy as it is, my boyfriend and I are no strangers to hooking YouTube up to the TV to display a video of roaring fire to try and set the mood for a romantic dinner… Not anymore! This is the year that I finally get my fireplace.

Of course, renting my apartment takes away any opportunity for a wood-burning or gas fireplace install, so an electric one is the way to go. However, Josh hasn’t exactly been onboard with getting a fireplace. He sees it as another piece of furniture that we’d have to make room for. But in keeping with stubborn girlfriend clichés, I have an answer for that. You see, I’ve had my eye on Felicity. She’s a gorgeous 47″ wall-mounted electric fireplace by ClassicFlame®.

Wall hanging electric fireplace

The Felicity saves floorspace since it can be hung on just about any wall and it only comes out from the wall about 5 inches. Living in Florida means I probably won’t feel the physical need to turn on the heat very often. But I can turn this fireplace on with or without heat to get the perfect ambiance. It’s just the thing I want to make my Florida apartment even more cozy for the holidays.

Home Furnishings That Bring Your Home and Life Together

To me, an inviting home is all about the people inside of it. As I go through this process of making my new place holiday ready, I couldn’t be more thankful for who I share it with. I’m thankful that Josh and I have the opportunity to give our loved ones a meal made with care and get to share with them this special time in our lives. Upgrading our home is a happy bonus. As we grow together, more furniture will come into our apartment, and one day, our house. Styles may get dated and the pieces may change, but these holidays and moments are what will stay with us forever.