Where can I get home furnishings designed by Ryan Mimick?

Design Spotlight: Talking Home Furnishings with Ryan Mimick

If you’ve been enjoying all that Twin Star Home™ has to offer, then take a look at one of the talented minds behind our home furnishings! Ryan Mimick is a senior product designer and an integral part of the team that creates some of Twin Star Home’s latest and greatest. His 22 years of experience include design work for brands such as Levenger as well as development and design of furniture and home accessories for DIY publications. In the five years since he has joined Twin Star Home, Ryan has helped design more than a thousand pieces, including the Wright collection – a winner of the coveted Pinnacle Award in its home entertainment category! Read on to learn where his passion for design started and how he stays inspired to keep innovating.

A One-on-One with Product Designer Ryan Mimick 

What's it like being a product designer?
Twin Star Home™ product designer Ryan Mimick.

Q: Have you always wanted to be a designer? 

A: “My father was an architect and I originally wanted to be an architect. So, I went to architecture school and I got to the end of it and I was like, ‘Ya know, I want to do something different.’ You see, all design fields are related, it’s just at what scale you want to do something. You can go all the way from really big city planners all the way down to something very intimate like interface design.

And I guess, to me, the thing about architecture was that the interaction is at that one place in that environment. The interest to me for product and furniture was this idea that it could go around the world. It could interact with different people from around the world and have different experiences with it. The scale is what I was really interested in. So, that’s kind of what made me switch and go in a different direction.” 

Q: What do you think about when designing home furnishings and furniture collections?  

A: “When developing a collection, part of it is: who is that consumer, what are their style preferences, what is out there that has been done or hasn’t been done? And then there’s certainly a lot of parameters. But after all of that, then it’s how do I culminate that into what it’s going to be. That comes from inspiration, which can come from imagery, it can come from magazines, it comes from anywhere and everywhere. And usually my best ideas don’t come to me when I’m at my desk. It’s usually when I’m out doing something else. Like when I’m at home and go, ‘Oh! I can do that! That’s awesome!’ Then, I’ll have to suddenly start sketching. Those ideas are always going.” 

What is the product design process like?
Twin Star Home™ product designer Ryan Mimick creates home furnishings at his desk at Twin Star Home.

Q: What is the most fun part of your job? 

A: “Getting everything together and having that ‘Aha!’ moment when you’re like, ‘This is awesome, this is going to do well.’ But then conversely, you can have that great feeling [about a piece] and then sometimes it just doesn’t work. Even though you’re like, ‘Why don’t you see it! It’s the most brilliant idea!’ When the ‘Aha moment’ aligns with success and a piece or collection totally works, that’s my favorite part.”  

Where Can You See Beautiful Home Furnishings Ryan has Designed? 

Where can I find good quality home furnishings for my living room?
The Wright™ collection sofa table, designed by product designer Ryan Mimick and styled by interior designer Breegan Jane at the 2019 Winter Las Vegas0 Market.

Head to the Twin Star Home website to see the award-winning Wright collection and plenty of other beautiful home furnishings. Browse our featured products or peruse by collection to see matching pieces. You can even take a virtual tour of your favorites to imagine how they would look in your very own home! Also, don’t forget to follow @TwinStarHome on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to keep up with our latest innovations in home furnishings and get plenty of style inspiration.