Outdoor furniture Riverbrook collection from Kathy Ireland

How the Right Outdoor Furniture can Turn Your Shelter into Your Sanctuary

While your dog might be in heaven with a houseful of people suddenly home, the people in your house (maybe you especially) could feel like it’s a LOT of togetherness. If everyone is getting a little stir crazy, turn your attention to your outdoor space and see how to make time there even more relaxing. This could be the perfect solution to being cooped up. And just the thing to remind us that at times like this, there’s nothing more important than the time we spend together as a family. So, now’s the perfect time to update your outdoor furniture (maybe with something like the kathy ireland® Homes & Gardens River Brook Sectional Seating Group shown above) and make your outside space your haven – no matter what size it is.

Conversation sets are Outdoor Furniture for the Whole Family

Now that your whole family is home so much more without school, soccer games, tee ball and all the rest, you may find that your weekends are both longer and more relaxing. There’s nothing like a little more time outside together to help everyone remember how blessed we really are. Which makes sprucing up the backyard even more appealing, as it creates an idyllic spot for your family to relax after being cooped up inside all day. Enter the conversation set.

If what you really want to help you find that backyard bliss is a (lightweight) conversation set that accommodates your family, the River Brook 4 Piece Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture Set from kathy ireland® Homes & Gardens by TK Classics on Wayfair fits the bill perfectly. Plus, the modularity of this collection means you can find the perfect size and configuration for your space. This is not your parents’ patio furniture, this is a resort experience in your own backyard. And it’s a perfect spot for a little grown-up relaxing under the stars with a nice glass of Pinot after the kids have gone to bed.

Outdoor furniture by Kathy Ireland - the Riverbrook conversation set with an L-shaped couch and a round ottoman, all with a brown wicker base and Aruba blue cushions.

A conversation set is a perfect place to enjoy time together as a family.

Why Bar Furniture May be Just the Outdoor Furniture You Need

If you’ve been working from home, you may be finding that it’s a LOT harder than you anticipated. Even if you’ve already set up a new home office space complete with standing desk, it is a challenge and it can be draining. The number of distractions and disruptions at home can run from spouses with meetings that require your help with the kids to barking dogs to IT struggles and office group chats that never stop.

With no lunches out and no mid-afternoon latte runs, you may find yourself burned out by the end of the day. So, imagine shutting off your computer, stepping outside to your patio and relaxing as you watch the sunset. This is where your outdoor furniture can be a real sanity saver for everyone spending a lot more time at home.

A pub style patio bar furniture set with a square high-top table and four stools.

The Bermuda bar set is perfect for eating a meal or enjoying a drink to unwind.

Dining sets: When Going Out Means Eating on the Patio

If going out to eat every so often is something you’re really missing, a new dining set like the one shown below is just the kind of outdoor furniture that can help your family find a change of scenery at dinnertime. A meal on the porch doesn’t eliminate cooking. But it does mean getting out of the house and leaving a little bit more mess outside. Plus, it can be an opportunity for kids to work off a little pent up energy once they’re done eating before starting the bedtime routine. An outdoor dining set is also a great place to serve lunches (for the kids or just for you), do a little remote working in the outside world, or set the kids up with (hopefully) an hours-long game of Crazy Eights.

A rectangular dining table with six chairs is outdoor furniture that goes great in the backyard.

The Fairfield Patio Dining Set at Wayfair is a great place to eat, play games and relax together.

Why Every Patio Should Have a Chaise Lounge

If that bit about relaxing under the stars with a glass of wine is right up your alley, chaise lounges are another piece of outdoor furniture you’ll love. We may all think of these as primarily a tool for catching rays (and they certainly are that, also) but there’s no curfew on a couple of these babies in your backyard and sipping some vino under the stars.

If a chaise lounge (like those shown below) does bring to mind the sun, that may be something to consider too. Taking 10 minutes at lunchtime to sit in the sun (with sunscreen) can be another great stress reliever. Studies have suggested natural vitamin D from the sun can be a mood booster, so just a few minutes outside can help you manage stress better in a new and unfamiliar work experience if you’re suddenly working at home. And, stepping out for those few minutes in the sunshine is an opportunity you may not usually have at the office.

Two curved chaise lounges with dark cushions in view of the ocean.

Chaise lounges can make your backyard like a tropical resort.

If the sitting outside part sounds nice for you, but the sun not so much, maybe you need a cantilever  umbrella like the one shown below to shade your chaise lounges (or any sunny spot on your patio). Available in 10 colors including Tangerina and Aruba blue, this umbrella offers SPF 50. And, it can tilt to block the sun wherever it’s coming from.

An orange cantilever umbrella on a patio with pavers behind a Spanish style two story home.

A cantilever umbrella can make any spot on your patio more inviting.

Warm Up to Time Outside

If you live somewhere a little more brisk, you may still be itching to get out of the house. That’s where a firepit comes in. There’s nothing better than a little time together OUTDOORS to quell the mewling, squabbling sounds of your beloved offspring. All you need is a little propane, and five minutes (maybe more) of peace and quiet can be yours too.

And, if you’re one of those decibel-blessed households that is comprised of only grown-ups? A firepit is a warm, cozy spot to help you remember why that person who is now constantly underfoot was once one of your favorite people – back in the days when you both used to leave the house for work.

A round firepit with a mosaic tile top and dancing flames that would go well with any outdoor furniture.

A fire pit is a great place to gather with family even when the nights are still cool.

Get that Outdoor Furniture Today

In short, your backyard or porch may have just become the most important room in your home. So, give it a little love and a new look. It’s an upgrade you’ll be thankful to have made – in the short  and long term. To see more, visit DesignFurnishings.com or sign up for the Twin Star Home® newsletter to get more ideas to make your home everything you imagine – both indoors and out. Making home just a little better is a great way to help you remember all you have to be thankful for and how important your family is. Today and every day.