How can I build an electric fireplace into my wall?

How to Install an Electric Fireplace in the Wall

Now that you’ve purchased your electric fireplace, there’s just one thing standing between you and the cozy glow of the flames: installation. Luckily, most electric fireplaces are easy to install, especially because they don’t require any exterior venting or gas lines. So whether you have an electric fireplace insert, an electric log set, or a wall-hanging model, these tips for safe, proper installation will help you start putting the fireplace to use right away. 

Measure the Opening in Your Wall 

In order to make sure a unit will fit inside your intended space, it’s important to take accurate measurements. Use a tape measure to get the dimensions of the opening, including the height, width and depth. Then you can shop for an insert that is compatible with those dimensions.

Keep in mind that the right insert will have slightly smaller dimensions than the opening. That’s because most electric fireplace inserts require you to leave some clearance space for the vents. The installation guide for your unit should be available wherever you shop and give the clearances that are necessary for your model. ClassicFlame® offers an excellent way to solve this problem with its Flush-Mount Trim Kits. These kits make installation in a wall simpler and provide a clean, streamlined look. Measuring is made even easier with the user manual posted online that helps ensure you get the right size insert and kit for your space.  

How can I install an electric fireplace in the wall?
Flush-Mount Trim Kits make installing electric fireplaces easier. 

Those planning to place their insert in a mantel, TV stand or entertainment center can follow the same steps. However, it’s also possible to simplify the process with the selection of furniture already outfitted with a fireplace. This eliminates the need for measurements and additional purchases. For questions about finding the right insert size or to learn more about available options, contact the ClassicFlame® team for support.  

Installing an Electric Fireplace Insert

Since electric fireplaces produce zero mess and odors and require minimal maintenance, many homeowners are interested in learning how to convert their gas or wood burning fireplace. Before undertaking the conversion process, you should always consult a certified electrician (and in the case of gas conversions, your gas company) to ensure all the necessary safety measures are taken.  

The first step in the process will be closing off the chimney. This means placing a cover plate on top over the opening on the roof, then closing and sealing the damper. Doing so helps reduce the risk of moisture coming through. Not to mention, your electric fireplace insert won’t generate fumes or smoke, you won’t need these components in the future. 

Additionally, it’s important to completely clean out the hearth. Many people will have an electrical outlet installed on the floor of the hearth. Doing so means no cords will be visible once the fireplace is installed. Once everything is all set, you can install the insert into the opening, plug it in, and enjoy.

An electric log set is also a great option if you already have a fireplace built into your home, but are ready to give up the overhead of gas or wood burning fireplaces. With an electric log set from Duraflame®, using your fireplace is as simple as plugging in the log set and adjusting to find the perfect temperature and flame effect. In addition to controls that adjust flame brightness and speed, customers have discovered that the look of the dancing flames on the walls of the fireplace changes depending on where in the fireplace the log set is positioned.  

Can an electric log set look built in?
The DFI030-ARU Infrared Quartz Traditional Log set, from duraflame® is another great way to convert an existing fireplace to electric.

How to Get a Built-In Look 

Want the convenience and beauty of an electric fireplace, but with the traditional look of a mantel? You can have the best of both worlds by purchasing a ready-made wall mantel to go with your electric fireplace insert. These mantels do not require a chimney and are much easier to install than an actual built-in. Plus, choosing this setup helps make the fireplace feel that much more inviting and realistic. When guests come over, they may not even realize the fireplace isn’t real.  

Hanging a Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace  

Wall mounted, or wall-hanging, electric fireplaces immediately catch the eye when you walk into a room. They can transform almost any décor with a sleek, modern look. Even better, hanging an electric fireplace on a wall is a great space-saving alternative to built-ins. They are especially suitable for homeowners with limited space and apartment dwellers.  

How do I hang a wall mounted electric fireplace?
A wall-mounted electric fireplace is simple to hang and offers a sleek, modern look.

When you’re ready to learn how to mount an electric fireplace, start with the wall hanging instructions. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with these details so you feel confident during each step of installation. Simply insert the screws and anchors into the wall. Then, install the brackets on the back of the fireplace before attaching it to the wall. Remember to mount the fireplace to wall studs for added security.

Some other tips to keep in mind include: 

  • Have someone help you lift the fireplace if needed to prevent injury or strain 
  • Choose a location next to a wall outlet  
  • Don’t allow any objects to block the vents  

And remember, many wall mounted units also come with a display stand. This is a great option if you’d prefer not to drill holes in a wall or can’t find a good spot to mount the fireplace with the necessary proximity to an outlet.   

Find Your Ideal Electric Fireplace 

Now that you know how to install an electric fireplace, why not find the perfect one to suit your home’s décor? Visit ClassicFlame® online to browse a large assortment of electric fireplaces and inserts, as well as mantels, entertainment centers and TV stands to complete the look of your new fireplace.