How to Set the Mood for Valentine’s Day

Set the Mood for Valentine’s Day  

Want to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember? Make sure you have everything you need to set the mood and create an unforgettable experience for your date. While thoughtful gifts, like chocolate and flowers can help, nothing beats quality time snuggled up together in a cozy atmosphere. This list of ideas can help you set the stage for hosting a romantic evening that you’ll both love.  

Dim the Lights 

Ambiance is one of the most important ingredients for a romantic evening at home. With the lights down low, you can create a more intimate setting for quiet conversation and relaxation. At the same time, it’s important to have just enough light for comfortable eye contact as you talk. The flickering glow of candles is a great way to set just the right mood, but who wants to remember to put them out or worry about safety on Valentine’s Day? 

Instead of using actual candles, set up an electric candle lantern, like the duraflame® 28” Rustic Electric Lantern. Three candles provide a soft glow that can be turned on at a distance and effortlessly turned off when the night is over. The candles boast three brightness settings with selectable flickering, plus warm white, cool white and icy blue flame settings to complement your décor. And thanks to a built-in infrared heater, you’ll enjoy plenty of warmth to ward off February’s chill.  

An electric lantern heater like the duraflame® 28″ Rustic Electric Lantern with Infrared Heat & Remote Control can help create great atmosphere with romantic lighting. 

Cozy Up 

Who wouldn’t enjoy sharing memories and planning new adventures in front of the fire? For those living in colder climates, the mercury has likely dropped, making this the perfect opportunity to warm things up by lighting the fireplace. But while nothing says romance like a roaring fire, nothing can ruin it faster than the mess and hassle of a gas or wood-burning fireplace.  

An electric fireplace is ideal for this situation because it provides the heat and the ambiance you desire without the mess. If you don’t already have an electric fireplace, be sure to choose one ahead of time. Whether you prefer a wall-hanging design or an electric fireplace insert from ClassicFlame®, the market leader in electric fireplaces, they’re a great way to enhance your special evening. And because they’re so easy to use, you’ll never have to take the focus off your partner.  

Turn on a Rom Com 

For date nights, you can never go wrong with a romantic comedy. You’ll be sure to laugh – and maybe even cry – together all night long. Either way, watching the onscreen chemistry play out is sure to help bring you closer. Turn on the movie, grab some blankets and snacks and settle in on the couch. What could make your movie night even better?  

Imagine your TV displayed on a stunning TV stand with electric fireplace. Take the ClassicFlame® Cabaret TV Stand with Electric Fireplace (32MM90188-O117), for example. Its sturdy construction can support a TV up to 80″ with plenty of storage space, plus an on-trend barn door design. Beneath the open media shelf, a 32″ fireplace insert with patent-pending 3D Flame® Effect technology offers a realistic, layered flame effect that can be customized to your preferences with five adjustable brightness and speed settings. And with Safer Plug® and Safer Sensor™ technologies to detect plug overheating and heater obstruction, you can relax in comforting warmth without safety worries.  

Play Some Music 

Don’t feel like watching a movie? Instead, liven up the atmosphere with some mood music. Whether you end up slow dancing or simply chatting, music is always a go-to on Valentine’s Day. Plus, if you’re just getting to know each other, the song selection can be a great topic of conversation. For seamless listening and great sound quality, we recommend this Bluetooth® Compatible TV Stand for TVs up to 60” . It has built-in speakers with Bluetooth® audio streaming. Just connect your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled device to the TV stand and start streaming your favorite music. No fussing with CDs or vinyl records required – just cue up a romantic playlist, Pandora, YouTube, iHeartRadio or other apps.  

This Bluetooth Compatible TV Stand makes it easy to stream your favorite music. 

This particular TV stand is designed to hold TVs up to 60” and offers plenty of shelves for storage and decorations. Made from wood, it offers stylishly rustic vibes that lend a certain charm that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day and every season.   

Are You Ready for Valentine’s Day? 

With these suggestions, you won’t just be prepared for a cozy Valentine’s Day, but for romantic evenings and date nights for years to come. Whether you’ll be whipping up your date’s favorite dinner or coming home to enjoy a glass of wine and a sweet treat, make sure you have everything you need to make your home an inviting destination for romance. Browse the Twin Star Home™ website to discover more cozy furniture and décor inspiration today.