How can I update my non-working fireplace?

How to Update a Non-Working Fireplace

Even a non-working fireplace can be revamped to add immense value to a room. All you have to do is get creative with it. Whether you decide to convert it into an electric fireplace or take a more decorative approach, there is a variety of updates you can make to liven up the space. In this post, we’ll compile our favorite ways to use a non-working fireplace to help you find inspiration for your own home. 

Install an Electric Fireplace Insert 

Even if your wood-burning or gas fireplace isn’t working anymore, you still have a way to enjoy the glow and heat of a fire by installing an electric fireplace insert. Inserts come in a range of sizes and styles, so you’re sure to find one that fits inside your existing mantel. Luckily, electric fireplaces don’t require any fuel or special maintenance. ClassicFlame® offers an excellent way to install an electric fireplace insert into the wall or mantel with Flush-Mount Trim Kits that frame electric fireplace inserts. These kits make installation in a wall or mantel simpler and provide a clean, streamlined look. Measuring is even made easier with the user manual posted online. That helps ensure you get the right size insert and kit for your space.

And just like that, you can enjoy a realistic fire and relaxing warmth. With an insert, you can go from having a non-working fireplace to an easy and cleaner source of warmth and beauty in your home.  Just make sure there’s an outlet located nearby that allows you to easily and safely plug in the fireplace. And be sure to consult an electrician for the wiring and installation of your beautiful new electric fireplace.  

Or, you can try one of these fireplace update ideas below.    

Use an Electric Log Set

If you like the function of an electric fireplace insert but prefer a different look, consider an electric log set. For example, the duraflame® DFI021ARU Electric Log Set Heater with Realistic Ember Bed is a favorite among Amazon customers and comes highly-rated. It features realistic LED logs and embers within a black grate. Using a remote, you can turn the log set on to enjoy the ambiance and adjust the temperature settings. Electric log sets like this one have the heat and ambiance to keep the room cozy and warm. Not to mention, they are much more cost-effective compared to constantly adjusting your home’s thermostat as temperatures rise and fall.

Consumers have also learned that the position of a log set can enhance the look of your fire. You can customize the look of your fire by placing it closer or further from the walls of the fireplace. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about tending a fire, getting your chimney cleaned or keeping kids and pets away from the hearth.

What is a great electric fireplace update for a fireplace that doesn't work?
Setting an electric log set heater like the Duraflame DFI021ARU into your non-working fireplace is a simple a simple way to add heat and ambiance as well as an alternative to an entire renovation.

Stack Your Fireplace with Real Logs

Another great way to update your fireplace is to stack real wood logs inside the mantel. The sight of the logs, even if they’re not aflame, can add character and cozy vibes to the space.  

Brighten the Area with Candles or Lanterns

Another creative take is to add candles to your non-working fireplace. Place an assortment of pillar candles in varying sizes into the mantel. Whether they’re battery-operated candles or real ones, the flickering flames can help achieve some of the same effects of a fireplace. Likewise, a freestanding candle holder or a lantern with flameless candles inside would also look beautiful. 

Or you can add a duraflame® infrared quartz electric candle set for extra heat and the beauty of soft flames in your room. Just plug in the unit and set it in your fireplace to create a whole new look.  

Is there an electric fireplace update for my non-working fireplace?
The DFI030-ARU duraflame® infrared quartz electric candle set helps create a warm and cozy atmosphere without the hassle of a wood-burning fire.  

Decorate with Books or Other Unconventional Items 

You can also decorate the inside of the mantel with items people wouldn’t normally expect. For example, instead of stacking logs, you can stack books. It can be a unique way to display and store your favorite titles or books with especially attractive bindings. As an alternative to books, baskets stacked with blankets and pillows create a homey look and feel. Meanwhile, a large statement piece, such as a statue, plant, vase or seasonal décor item, is sure to draw attention. 

Make the Mantel a Focal Point 

If you don’t necessarily want to add anything inside the mantel of your non-working fireplace, you can still make it the focal point of your room. After all, fireplaces are beautiful décor pieces that deserve to be highlighted. If yours is showing signs of age, give it a fresh coat of paint or update the tiles. You can also decorate the mantel shelf with greenery, photos and other accent pieces. To make it really pop, create a gallery wall above the fireplace with your favorite works of art. Even just hanging a single large painting or a mirror can help showcase the fireplace and complement your décor.  

What furniture can update a non-working fireplace?
Greenery and accent pieces can help bring new life to an unused fireplace.

Breathe New Life into Your Non-Working Fireplace

Are you ready to repurpose your non-working fireplace? No matter which update you decide on, whether it’s choosing an electric fireplace, adding a log set or decorating a mantel with unexpected accents, you’ll be able to enhance your home and enjoy it that much more. Get started by shopping for ClassicFlame® electric fireplaces and duraflame electric log sets and lanterns online now.