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How to Use Accent Furniture

What is Accent Furniture?

Accent furniture stands out in your home because it coordinates with your decor, without being too matchy. It draws your eye and adds more personality to your room. Though it may be bold in color or texture, it never takes away from your room’s décor – accent furniture enhances it.

Accent furniture falls under the umbrella of home accents, a category that encompasses items or interior design that accentuates your design style with elements of texture, color, material and pattern.

The Three S’s of Accent Furniture

Accent furniture comes in different forms, but the three most popular are surfaces, seating and storage.

1. Surfaces – Surfaces can be a great addition to any room, but what are surfaces?

Bunching tables

  • In the foyer, an entry table can be the launch pad to help you and your family get in and out faster. Plus, entry tables let you extend your style beyond living spaces. You’ll feel welcomed when you walk through the door, set your keys and coat down, and see pictures of your family and your favorite colors.
  • Surfaces in the living room or den can include sofa tables, side tables and bunching tables. Sofa tables are commonly used for décor or storage, but the fun doesn’t stop there. You can also add chairs to turn it into a multipurpose desk or place to eat.
  • Of the pieces in the accent table category, the bunching table is the most versatile. Bunching tables are designed to be used as single tables and in groups. So, you can bunch them together to use them as a coffee table or split them up to use them as side tables. The Twin Star Home™ Carrara™ bunching tables feature a hexagonal top design that makes fun, geometric shapes to add more detail to your room. The lustrous Chrome finish and geometric pattern will catch your eye and can accentuate décor in a contemporary home.

2. Seating – Accent chairs, ottomans or benches can really enhance décor and make your room more comfortable.

home office accent chair

  • A popular spot for a bench is at the foot of the bed. It feels like a luxury item, but gets a lot of use if you subscribe to the idea that the bed should only be used for sleep. A bench in the foyer for putting on or taking off shoes will make your launch pad so much more functional.
  • Ottomans are commonly placed in bedrooms or living rooms for extra seating that looks very minimal. You can slide an ottoman under your sofa table and pull it out to be used as additional seating.
  • When picking out an accent chair, color and texture are important factors. You can incorporate either a pattern, color, texture, or a combination that isn’t present in your main furniture, but appears elsewhere in the room. This can help draw the eye and keep your room from looking too uniform.

3.  Storage – As someone who enjoys organizing and hates clutter, I have to say I have a deep fondness for concealed storage.  Wine Cabinet

  • Concealed storage cabinets keep all my stuff out of the way and let me add my personal style to my room. Because clutter stresses me out, I like to hide it all in drawers or behind cabinet doors. If I don’t need it out at all times, I want it out of my sight. If it doesn’t look the part, hide it in something that does.
  • On the other hand, accent cabinets that are open or have glass doors are sometimes used to display décor pieces or collections. Accent pieces storing smaller accent pieces – how meta.
  • If you have a growing wine collection, a wine cabinet will make a great accent piece for your dining room, kitchen or living room, depending on where you’re most likely to have a drink. Twin Star Home wine cabinets don’t take up much space, making them a great small space solution. When your wine collection outgrows the cabinet, upgrade it by swapping out the wine storage with the Infinity electric fireplace for an edge-to-edge, frameless view of dancing flame effects. If you want to incorporate more than just common, everyday furniture, try out a grandfather clock, or the slightly smaller grandmother clock. The Twin Star Home Swedish Classics™ grandmother clock doubles as a bar cabinet.

Beyond the Three S’s

Non-furniture home accents can also be used to bring more of your personality and charm into your home – and most of them can be placed just about anywhere. For example, plants are a decorating trend with growing popularity, partly attributed to their air purifying qualities. Leah Groth at LiveStrong says, “Extensive research conducted by NASA found that gorgeous green foliage can eliminate up to 87 percent of air toxins in just 24 hours. Studies have also found that plants can reduce stress, boost concentration, increase happiness and boost creativity.” So, when you place your favorite plants throughout your home, your visitors will learn that you love to have greenery indoors for health and aesthetic purposes! The same thing applies with décor. If I’m not careful, I’ll see owl shaped wax warmers and candle holders all over the place – because I love delicious vanilla scents housed in owl shaped containers!

Mirror – Mirrors can even be used as an alternative to art and still add a little pizzazz to a bare wall. In addition to its reflective surface, a mirror’s shape and frame can add interest to your décor.

Although the days of the floor-to-ceiling-wall-to-wall mirror may be behind us, large mirrors still have their place in the home.  A floor mirror can make a lovely accent in an empty corner or on a bare wall. Although the bedroom or closet remains a popular space for this type of mirror, it can make an elegant appearance in a spacious entryway or living room.

On the other hand, small mirrors with relatively large and detailed frames can make a great décor piece. Horizontally arranging a set of mirrors with complementing frames above your rooms main furniture, like a bed or sofa, can fill the empty wall space above without competing with your other pieces. Similarly, you can arrange the mirrors vertically, down the length of a narrow wall space.

Lighting – Lighting can be used as an accent and further your design style. From floor lamps to sconces and pendant lights, lighting comes in multiple forms and styles. The below image on this page shows a stylish office, made even more interesting with a modern chandelier that picks up the brass tones on the desk and bookcases. The placement enhances the symmetrical office design and draws your eye up the accent wall.

Rugs – Adding area rugs to your space is a great way to decorate a room. Rugs can add color, texture and beautiful patterns that complement your room’s style, like a Kevin Francis area rug for example. They can also help you divide open spaces and protect your floors – even carpeted floors – from everyday wear and tear.

home office design

Fireplace – Electric fireplaces make great home accents

because they really are eye-catching. ClassicFlame® electric fireplace heaters come in all shapes and sizes, so they’ll look great in a small or large home. If you have a small space to work with, wall mount fireplace heaters won’t take up any of your floor space. Some wall mount fireplaces include pedestal bases, so you can place it on a surface. This is perfect if you’re renting, or you don’t want to put any holes in the wall. Electric stove heaters and electric lantern heaters are compact, but produce enough heat to keep you warm in a 400 or 1,000 square foot room.

Finishes and Natural Materials

Pantone’s Fashion Color Trend Report is a great source for color ideas. Take a look at what’s likely to start trending and see if it sparks inspiration. If you don’t see deep hues or detailed patterns in your future, you can always test small décor pieces to see how they look in your space. Natural colors and materials can also be used as accents. Jute or sisal rugs can be used to quench your home’s thirst for something natural. Wooden bowls or stone décor pieces can help introduce natural elements in a light and sophisticated way.

Your room should feel more comfortable and look a little more visually appealing with appropriately placed home accents. You need furniture and décor that works for your style, not furniture that you have to work around. If you find that your furniture is in your way or your décor clashes with your preferred style, it’s time for a change. Life is too short to live with furnishings you don’t love. We usually have a sense that something is missing from a room – something that will help us organize, entertain or work. When trends and colors start to blur together and seem like slight derivatives of one another, remember you don’t have to consider every option. What you like is what you like. It’s okay to stick with that and test new colors and fabrics. If something ends up not working, you can always return it or make it into something new with a DIY.

Pantone’s NY Fashion Week Fall/Winter Report 2018.


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