Romance 101: Create Instant Ambience with an Electric Fireplace

You’re planning for the perfect Valentine’s Day or Romantic Getaway Weekend, but wait a minute, where’s the fireplace? 

If that all-important Valentine’s Day date-night detail slipped your mind, believe it or not there’s still time to turn any room you choose into a dazzling romantic retreat. Thanks to creative leaps in technology, style and engineering, the newest generation of electric fireplaces is more affordable, more realistic, and easier to install than ever before. 

There’s a reason that electric fireplaces are the fastest-growing category in the fireplace market. “We like to think of it as instant architecture,” said Lisa Cody, Vice President of Marketing for Twin Star Home™, the market leader in electric fireplaces and a premier designer and manufacturer of home furnishings.  “You can create your own ambiance — and unlike a conventional fireplace, you can choose where you want to put it and even take it with you when you move.” 

Many of Twin Star Home’s new products feature Classicflame® electric fireplaces with patent pending 3D Flame® effect — the most realistic flame effect on the market for lifelike dancing flames. The fireplaces have five speed settings, from roaring fire to barely flickering flames. They can also be adjusted for brightness and even flame color, with hues ranging from “Sapphire” to “Campfire” for just the right mood. 

Unlike wood or gas fires, electric fireplaces don’t create smoke, so there’s no need for a flue or ventilation. Moreover, they come in a huge range of options, from a slim wall-mounted model to a versatile TV stand unit with a custom-fitted fireplace insert. Most electric fireplaces require only a 120V outlet to run and can operate with a remote control. Even better, many ClassicFlame electric fireplaces can provide supplemental zone heating for up to 1,000 square feet to help you save money.  

If you haven’t looked at electric fireplaces in a while—or if you’re new to the concept—you’ll be amazed at the elegance and sophistication of the new products on the market. Electric fireplaces are more lifelike, easier to install and operate, more energy-efficient, and come with more bells and whistles than ever before.  

Here’s a quick guide to your best Valentine’s Day date-night ever: 

Fireplace inserts: 

If you have an unused fireplace, an electric fireplace insert may be the easiest and least expensive way to fill that gaping hole. Starting at a compact 18 inches, inserts can cost as little as $300—less than a weekend at a romantic B&B. 

Electric log sets: 

This is also a great option if you already have a fireplace built into your home but are ready to give up the overhead of gas or wood burning fireplaces. With an electric log set from duraflame®, using your fireplace is as simple as plugging in the log set and adjusting to find the perfect temperature and flame effect. In addition to controls to adjust flame brightness and speed, customers have discovered that the look of the dancing flames on the walls of the fireplace change depending on where in the fireplace the log set is positioned.  

Fireplace mantels: 

Don’t have a fireplace? A fireplace and mantel combo can be assembled and installed with little more than a Phillips head screwdriver. Mantels come in every style from traditional carved wood or rustic stone to sleek modern, and can run anywhere from $500 to over $2000. As a bonus, look for a mantel that is designed to also serve as a TV stand with media storage—flames below and your favorite rom-com above. 

A TV stand with an electric fireplace is a versatile piece of furniture that can add heat to your home and support your flat screen TV.  

Fireplace stoves:  

Think of it as a smaller heater with big benefits. Most electric stove heaters are small enough to move from room to room and some have the stylish look of old-fashioned wood stoves at a first glance. In either case, supplemental zone heating and the appeal of realistic and mesmerizing flame effects are paired with major convenience. Stoves are also an especially good choice for corners and areas that may be more undefined, and have prices that start as low as $100. 

Electric stove heaters like the DFI-5018 from Duraflame offer an array of colors that work with a variety of style, plus they can help you save money with zone heating. 

Wall mounted fireplaces: 

Space-saving wall mounted fireplaces hang on the wall in much the same way as a flat-screen TV (and like a TV, they can also stand on a side table or credenza).  Sleek and elegantly simple, wall mounted fireplaces are ideal for contemporary interiors.  Prices begin at $250 and go up into the thousands depending on size and features. 

Fireplace furniture: 

A fireplace surrounded by a mantel is expected, but how about a fireplace in a bookshelf, or in an entertainment center, or even in a wine cabinet? Functional and stylish, furniture designed to accommodate an electric fireplace insert is also designed to fit smoothly into your decorating scheme. Look for pieces that are part of a collection for a smoothly coordinated look. 

The bells and whistles: 

modern fireplace

Make your fireplace your own without ever having to chop a stick of wood. Many fireplaces come standard with controls that will change the color, speed, and brightness of the flames; you can customize further by choosing the base of the firebox—a traditional log set and ember bed or the contemporary look of glass pebbles or river rocks.