What furniture will help me to declutter my home office?

Spring Cleaning: Declutter Your Home Office

If your home office has fallen victim to clutter, there’s never been a better time to reorganize it. The flowers are blooming, the air smells fresh and the days are finally starting to warm up. That can only mean one thing: it’s time for spring cleaning. This time of year, people everywhere come out of hibernation and begin ridding their homes and businesses of excessive things they’ve accumulated over the winter months – making room for new home furnishings designed to help you organize.

Check out the following furniture pieces, which can help turn your disorganized office into a welcoming, neat, and orderly space!


Books and manuals can quickly overwhelm your workspace. That’s where a bookcase comes in handy. Even if you’ve gone paperless, this convenient piece of furniture can provide room to store knickknacks, office supplies and more.

When selecting a bookcase for your home office, pick one that’s the right size for your space. Choose a bookcase too large, and it’ll instantly make your office feel smaller and more cluttered. The right size bookcase, on the other hand, should provide enough room to organize your books without overpowering the room’s aesthetic. For instance, a bookshelf room divider that is open and finished on all sides, like the one from the Wright™ collection by Twin Star Home™, gives the illusion of a larger room while still offering plenty of storage space.

What can I use to declutter my home office?
The Wright collection from Twin Star Home features open bookshelf room dividers that are versatile enough to work in the home office or the living room.

Storage Ottomans

These days, when it comes to office furniture, less is often more. That’s where a versatile piece, like a storage ottoman, can play a vital role in decluttering your office. With a compact design, ottomans provide extra seating, making them a must-have piece – especially in a small home office.

In addition to serving as an extra seat for guests or even a cushy footrest, storage ottomans like the one in the Don’t Fret™ collection from Twin Star Home let you tuck away office supplies under the seat, or you can store files in it with the included frame for hanging files. Not only does this streamline the look of your office, but it also gives you a place to store magazines, books, and so much more.

You can even use your storage ottoman as a coffee table. For an extra touch of style, add a serving tray topped with a vase of flowers, tall candles or any other design piece.

Home Office TV Stands

Does your home office have a TV in it? You may benefit from a new TV stand. Unsurprisingly, TV stands often contain a number of storage options, as well as cord management solutions, that can instantly declutter the look of your office.

As you pick out a new TV stand, consider one with an electric fireplace insert. These types of TV stands add a warm, cozy feel and inviting appearance to your space. Many also feature storage solutions that are just as great for the home office as they are for the living room. And they can help you save space by eliminating the need for a space heater to keep your office toasty. Some stands from Twin Star Home, like the one pictured below from the Uptown Loft™ collection, even have integrated Bluetooth-compatible speakers, to help eliminate the need for components and save you even more space.

How can I use a TV stand in my home office?
This one from the Uptown Loft™ collection can offer warmth and storage. This stand even has integrated Bluetooth™ compatible speakers.

Choose a TV stand with cabinet doors, so you can easily hide papers, extra office supplies and DVDs. If you prefer the look of open shelving, select a TV stand with plenty of shelves. You can always purchase metal bins and woven baskets to conceal office essentials if needed.  

Filing Cabinets

Rid your desk of messy file folder stacks, extra printer paper and more with a filing cabinet. This office essential offers concealed storage, so you can keep your most-used office supplies close at hand while helping cut down on clutter.

Many vertical filing cabinets are designed to fit under your desk, making them a space-saving solution. However, if you have more file folders than you can count, you may be better off choosing a lateral file cabinet that can be placed along an empty wall. Whatever your needs, there’s a file cabinet out there that meets your exact specifications.

How will a standing desk help me declutter my home office?
Filing cabinets can help control clutter (Ashford™ collection filing cabinet and standing desk with premium standing solution from WellnessMats™ styled here by Breegan Jane).

Look for file cabinets with general storage drawers to keep pens, pencils, and highlighters all in one convenient place. You’ll also want to choose a file cabinet with built-in rails, so you can easily thumb through hanging file folders to locate the right file when you need it. Going a step further to help you declutter, the Ashford™ collection filing cabinet has an integrated charging station with two USB and two AC power ports – so controlling the mess of cord chaos is even easier.

Secretary Desks

If your home office serves multiple purposes, consider adding a secretary desk. This office essential provides plenty of space to work when you need it and folds compactly when you don’t, making it a great space saver.

By nature, secretary desks have hinged fold-down writing surfaces, providing the perfect place to rest your laptop, and the Swedish Classics™ secretary desk from Twin Star Home even offers charging for that laptop with two USB charging ports, as well as two AC power ports. These traditional furniture pieces also feature a set of drawers for organized storage. Stash your pens, envelopes, and office supplies in one drawer, plus items like extra charging cords in another and you’ll be able to declutter your small workspace in no time.

What is the best way to declutter my home office?
Secretary desks like the one in the Swedish Classics™ collection make a great place to rest your laptop and to store a variety of items to help you declutter.

Start Your Home Office Spring Cleaning

Between stacks of files, electronic devices and other supplies, your home or business office can quickly become cluttered. Put a little more order back into your workspace this spring cleaning season with versatile furniture pieces from Twin Star Home™.