How can I style my living room like an interior designer?

Style Inspiration from Interior Designer Jeanne K. Chung

Twin Star Home™ has some pretty talented friends that we couldn’t be prouder to work with. One of them is a gifted Southern California-based luxury interior designer, Jeanne K. Chung. She has an eclectic design aesthetic that bridges classic principles with a fresh and exciting modern twist, all while keeping her designs warm and inviting.

What living room decor can I use on my walls?
Interior designer Jeanne K. Chung styles the Hamilton™ collection by Twin Star Home™ at the January 2019 Las Vegas Market.

During her years as a fashion design student, Jeanne cultivated her strong attention to detail at Parsons School of Design. After receiving her BFA, she went on to further refine her skills at the New York School of Interior Design. Since then, Jeanne founded her design blog in 2013, Cozy Stylish Chic – a centralized online location full of design inspiration and all you need to know about what’s trending in the design industry. Her retail space, also known as Cozy Stylish Chic, came soon after. Full of a diverse mix of vintage finds, fabrics, furniture, home technology and more, the storefront has become a favorite go-to destination for designers and design enthusiasts who seek an artfully edited selection of home furnishings and accessories.

With an extensive knowledge of historical periods and styles, Jeanne is equipped with the confidence to mix vintage with modern so that the spaces she designs appear as though they are effortless and evolved over time. Frequenting museums, gallery openings, and trade shows regularly to keep up with current trends, Jeanne maintains a fresh perspective and modern edge for her design themes that also incorporate the past.

10 Questions to Get to Know Jeanne

How can I use pops of color in my living room?
The Twin Star Home™ Hamilton™ collection styled by Jeanne K. Chung at the January 2019 Las Vegas Market.

1. Where do you find your inspiration as an interior designer?

“I find inspiration looking at art. I travel a lot, so I love doing that and I attend a lot of trade shows, so that’s another place that I find inspiration – all the different showrooms I visit.”

2. What’s your signature style?

“My signature style is definitely layering and adding in pops of color.”

3. What’s one thing you like to include in every design you create?

“I love including fresh flowers – a little bit of greenery sometimes if that’s not available. I love using air plants.”

How can I use greenery to style my living room?
The Downtown Loft bookcase by Twin Star Home styled by Jeanne K. Chung at the January 2019 Las Vegas Market.

4. What’s your favorite color?

“I love working with pink because it provides a really nice pop of color against the greenery I always use.”

5. What’s one word people would use to describe you?


6. What’s your favorite room to style?

“Don’t laugh, but I love styling a bar.”

How can I work a bar cabinet into my living room?
The Downtown Loft™ bar cabinet by Twin Star Home™ styled by Jeanne K. Chung at the January 2019 Las Vegas Market.

7. Sweet or salty?

“Neither. Tangy!”

8. Name one trend you wish would go away.

“Definitely the all-white trend.”

9. What do you always have with you?

“My cell phone.”

10. If you were stuck on an island with one person, who would you want it to be?


Want More from Interior Designer Jeanne K. Chung?

What interior designer tips can I use to style my living room?
Interior designer Jeanne K. Chung completes her styling of the Hamilton™ collection by Twin Star Home™ at the January 2019 Las Vegas Market.

If you can’t make it out to California to visit Jeanne’s storefront, her blog will keep you up to date on the latest designs scoop. Additionally, be sure to keep an eye on the Twin Star Home blog as well as our social media platforms for design tips, tricks, and more from Jeanne. Find @twinstarhome on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and give us a follow for continued inspiration and home upgrade ideas!