Top standing desk questions answered

Top 10 Standing Desk Questions Answered

The popularity of standing desks has surged in the past few years, and for good reason. They’re ergonomically designed to promote an active, healthy lifestyle, in addition to providing a number of other benefits. Thinking about making the switch to an adjustable height desk? Here are some of the most common questions and answers about adjustable height desks.

1. Why use a standing desk?

You may already know that sitting for long periods of time can have adverse effects on your health. In fact, it’s been shown to increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease and early death and may even contribute to weight gain and obesity.

Height Adjustable desks, like those in the ActiveLife™ line of products from Twin Star Home™ are designed to get you up out of your chair, helping reverse the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. In addition to lowering your risk of weight gain, obesity, heart disease and diabetes, Height Adjustable desks can also improve your mood and energy levels and boost productivity.

2. Will it help my back pain?

Yes. In fact, numerous studies have shown that standing desks can decrease chronic back pain due to prolonged sitting. After switching to a standing desk, many people report an improvement in lower and upper back pain in just a few weeks time.

3. Does a standing desk help with neck pain?

Just like an adjustable height desk can aid in reducing back pain, it may also decrease neck pain. That’s because standing relieves pressure on your neck and back. Sitting most of the day at a desk increases the likelihood of craning the neck forward toward a keyboard and creating the strain on cervical vertebrae that can lead to lasting imbalances.

4. Will a height adjustable desk improve my posture?

You already know that standing can help take pressure off your neck and back. But did you know that it might even help improve your posture? Standing desks enable you to avoid awkward sitting positions that can compound existing health issues or create new ones, and instead, correct misalignments.

Standing desks can help improve posture, especially when done correctly.

5. What does a standing desk do for productivity?

When you need to get your blood flowing – especially after a satisfying, yet filling, lunch – turn to a height adjustable desk. Standing has been shown to increase engagement and cognitive performance. It’s also been found to boost mood and energy levels, which can have a positive influence on productivity.

6. How do I program a height adjustable desk?

There are two main types of height adjustable desks – manual and electric. So, if you’ve purchased an electric standing desk, you might be wondering how to program it to suit your height preferences. Always consult the manual that came with your desk for specific programming information. For general reference, here’s how to program your desk for multiple heights.

Start by programming an ergonomic seated height. Sit with your feet flat on the floor, keeping both your legs and arms at a 90-degree angle. Once you’ve set that height, move on to programming the standing height. You’ll want to ensure that your arms remain at a 90-degree angle to promote proper posture. If you have an under-the-desk treadmill you also plan on using, program an additional height setting.

How do I adjust the height of my standing desk?
The Illumitouch™ control panel on ActiveLife™ standing desks from Twin Star Home™ allows you program your height preferences.

7. How do I use this type of desk?

If you’ve purchased a manual height adjustable desk, you’ll need to adjust the height by hand. Some manual standing desks have a crank design. Therefore, you’ll have to manually adjust the height every time you move from sitting to standing and back again using a crank mechanism.

One-time adjustable standing desks, on the other hand, feature locking pins and telescoping legs. To adjust the height of these desks, you’ll need to remove all items from the tabletop before removing and replacing the locking pins. Other types of Height Adjustable desks you may encounter include counterbalance, spring-loaded and gas strut desks. These types of desks typically glide very easily, letting you adjust the height by simply releasing a brake and moving the tabletop up or down.

8. What height standing desk is best for me?

To help you maintain the best posture possible, your standing desk must be set at the right height. The worksurface of your desk should always be at elbow height, whether you’re sitting or standing. So before buying a Height Adjustable desk, be sure to measure the distance from your elbows to the floor. The standing desk you purchase should, at the very least, be built to this height.

Which home furnishings go with my standing desk?
Standing desks like the one from the Ashford™ collection shown above can have a height range from approximately 29 inches to 47 inches at the tallest standing height. Styled by Breegan Jane.

9. What is the best standing desk mat?

Standing desks encourage you to stand up and move around while working, but with all that standing can come fatigue. That’s why many users choose standing desk mats that help you stay comfortable at your Height Adjustable desk. For best results, choose a quality anti-fatigue mat made from durable polyurethane that’s easy to clean and resistant to heat, punctures, dirt and stains. Moreover, you can select an anti-fatigue mat designed to complement your work area – check out WellnessMats® in a variety of shape configurations, colors and patterns, from sleek croc to attention-getting patterns.

Can a standing desk mat help my posture?
Using a mat, like a premium standing solution from Wellness Mats®, with your standing desk will make standing more pleasant and more ergonomic.

10. Where can I buy height adjustable desks?

Thanks to the popularity generated by their health-friendly design, standing desks are widely available from both online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores. Browse height adjustable desks, as well as a host of other quality home furnishings at Twin Star Home™ to see how easy it is to make a healthy choice when it comes to your next refurnishing decision.