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Twin-Star Adds Wine Coolers, Media Consoles to Classic Electric Fireplace Selections

Not-so-common Rental Products Gain Momentum for Dealers It’s either hot or cold at, whose ClassicFlame electric fireplaces have been popular in rental-purchase stores since they introduced them several years ago. Adding a new twist with a new product line, Twin-Star now offers the Tresanti line of wine coolers, until recently not something typically found in an RTO showroom. “Refrigerated wine cabinets are something new to bring into a rental store,” says Alexia Rouquette Mays, director of marketing and public relations for Twin- Star. “Wine is big business. RTO dealers who have put our coolers in their stores are finding that customers will come in for one thing, see the cooler as something they’ve ‘gotta have’ and end up adding that to their order – sometimes almost as an impulse buy.” She adds that because a Tresanti wine cooler is framed by a quality crafted cabinet with hand-rubbed finish, it is viewed as a piece of furniture that adds style to the home. ClassicFlame Electric Fireplaces The Tresanti line follows suit with ClassicFlame products in presenting fine furniture with function. In its award-winning line of electric fireplaces, Twin-Star features more than 30 different models in various furniture styles and finishes. “In a nutshell, our fireplaces add beauty to any home. They are practical for consumers and are an excellent source of alternative revenue for dealers who are looking for strong selling products that will boost business,” says Mays. “We use the highest quality wood veneers and solid hardwoods, metal to metal wood block connectors and hand applied finishes which combine to create an heirloom piece of furniture. Attractive and functional, they are also environmentally friendly, easy to install and add heightened design to any room.” Tresanti Mays points out that unlike gas and wood burning fireplaces, electric fireplaces emit no carbon monoxide, leave no indoor pollution and do not require the consumption of wood or fossil fuels to produce heat. Additionally, 100% of the electric input energy is converted to heat which will warm the room without overheating or wasting energy by heating other rooms that are rarely used. Heather Buchanan, buyer for Countryside Rentals in Ohio, says not only do they look good, ClassicFlame fireplaces have helped customers battle both cold weather and a frigid Ohio economy. “Customers love the great styles, but with a high rate of unemployment here this winter, people have found them an inexpensive way to supplement their heat. They went out quickly this season.” Mays adds that surprisingly ClassicFlame fireplaces are popular year-round because of the “furniture appeal” and look it brings to a room, whether turned on or off. From Hot to Cold Bill Caples, vice president of sales & marketing at Twin-Star, says that because of their unparalleled quality of construction and fine furniture quality, ClassicFlame fireplaces stand apart from the competition. “We enable dealers to offer something that is both practical and beautiful to customers and profitable to business owners. ClassicFlameNow we are expanding to reach that same interest in quality and design through our classic wine coolers. The novelty of having these available will be an instant attraction to customers who soon will appreciate many functional features, such as dual zone refrigeration, locking cabinet doors, hidden storage and high-quality hardwood. In time, when customers are used to seeing them in their local rental store, they will adopt the mentality of ‘Doesn’t everyone have a wine cooler!’” Media Consoles Make Sense Adding to its 60,000 products currently out in the rental field, Twin-Star also is ramping up sales of its Tresanti entertainment consoles, another upscale line introduced last year to a small test market. “We offered one skew to Rent-A-Center stores and because of its success we are looking to up the number of skews,” explains May. “This line is really catching on and is a great compliment to other products being offered in rental stores. It proves that consumers want quality pieces of furniture in their homes and are looking for upscale selections.” Caples adds, “One reason we have been successful with our fireplaces and now our wine coolers and consoles is that we are able to provide quality and affordability – true value. That appeals to consumer budgets and store profit margins. It’s a win win.” For more information please visit us and For more information about Twin-Star International’s ClassicFlame and Tresanti lines, contact: Director, Marketing & PR – Alexia Rouquette Mays [email protected] ]]>