Twin Star Home™ Difference

Time at home is precious. At Twin Star Home™ we know that making home the place that brings everyone together is paramount, and we feel honored to be part of that. So we design furniture that combines beauty with meaningful innovation that fits consumers’ lives seamlessly, creating a space where inspiration strikes and memories are born.

ClassicFlame® & Innovation

The Most Realistic Flames. Ever.

3D Flame Effect for realistic flames that dance on and behind the logs or crystals.


Better for you!

Infrared quartz offers healthier heat that does not take the humidity or oxygen out of the air. It produces a more enjoyable and comfortable heat, ideal for those suffering from allergies.

You're in Control

Energy-saving LED display controls for the adjustable thermostat (62° F - 82° F) and 9-hour auto shut off timer give you control over your environment.

Exclusive patented Safer Plug® fire prevention technology monitors the temperature of the plug, so you can be confident that your family, home and product are safe.


We surveyed consumers like you to understand the importance of safety in their lives:



said that safety
is a concern with heating products



believe advanced safety features like
Safer Plug® are worth a premium



have had an outlet overheat,
melt or burn


Patent pending Safer Sensor™ fire prevention technology alerts you and automatically powers off if anything blocks the heat output.

Cool to the touch

All of our fireplaces have glass fronts that are cool to the touch. The only place on our electric fireplaces that gets hot to the touch is the metal grate above the glass front – and it’s easy to spot with its bright orange glow behind the grate.

Shut-off timer

Lets you set the timer from 30 min up to 9 hours. You can live worry free knowing that the entire unit will power off once the timed cycle is complete.

No smoke or fumes

Our electric fireplaces emit no smoke or fumes, unlike gas or wood burning fireplaces – so the air in your home stays cleaner.

Change the color. Change the mood.

Spectrafire 3D™

Spectrafire® customizable flame effect technology offers three blue and three amber brightness options to create the perfect ambiance.

Panorama Electric Fireplace

Stunning View that Draws Them In

This extended three-sided glass display showcases a brilliant view of dancing 3D flame effects from any seat in the room. Illumitouch™ integrated controls give the stand’s surface a smooth, clean look.

5 stars

Now you see it.
Now you don't.

illumitouch buttonsIllumitouch™ seamless, embedded control panel features an LED digital readout that appears and fades with just a light touch for a clean, uncluttered look.

Save Money ...While Saving the Planet

Save 15% on your heating bill with zone heating

Being efficient should be as simple as putting first things first. And that’s what using our electric fireplaces for supplemental zone heating is – a concept that sounds complicated, but is actually the essence of simplicity.

Zone Heating

Supplemental zone heating means saving money by turning your thermostat down and then adding heat where you need it – and not where you don’t. Everyone hangs in the family room? Use a stylish TV stand with electric fireplace to make it warm and cozy. People are scarcely in the upstairs office? Let it remain cooler when unoccupied by keeping your thermostat lower in general - then turn on your electric fireplace in the office when someone will be in there.

LED technology

LED technology is another way our fireplaces are more efficient. Consuming less than half the energy of regular incandescent bulbs, the normal lifespan of an LED bulb is up to 50,000 hours and it contains no mercury, helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Plus, LED bulbs produce about 90 percent less heat than incandescent bulbs and stay cool to the touch.

Proud Member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council

Our planet’s health is important to you, just like it’s important to us. That’s why we’re a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council – to help us focus on immediate steps we can take that minimize carbon emissions, waste stream pollutants, un-recyclable content, and primary materials from unsustainable sources. Because at Twin Star Home, we’re parents too and we want our children to be able to enjoy a planet that is beautiful, green, and healthy!