Classicflame and bello brands

Twin-Star Home Furnishings Announces a Realigning of Their Corporate Brands

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., July 22, 2015 – With the purchase of Bell’O International Corporation last Fall, Twin-Star Home Furnishings® has announced that they are realigning their corporate brand offerings by absorbing the Tresanti® brand into the Bell’O® brand furniture line. All furniture with electric fireplaces will now be under the ClassicFlame® brand in the furniture channel, and under the Bell’O® brand in the consumer electronics channel. According to Marc Sculler, co-president of Twin-Star Home Furnishings, “as we merged the Bell’O products with the Twin-Star products we decided to simplify and strengthen our brand strategy by classifying all electric fireplace home products under the ClassicFlame® brand and all non-electric fireplace products under the Bell’O® brand. Therefore, non-fireplace home entertainment, home office, occasional, kitchen islands, wine bars, curios, and beds will be branded Bell’O, while all furniture with an electric fireplace will be branded as ClassicFlame. The Twin-Star Home brand of electric stoves, log sets, and heaters will now be branded Powerheat®. Duraflame®, and ChimneyFree® are the only exceptions to the rebranding and will continue as they are.” “The decision to purchase Bell’O last fall has helped Twin-Star to expand their offerings into new markets while keeping a pulse on the latest trends and consumer demands,” stated Pete Harper, co-president and CFO of Twin-Star. “The Bell’O brand has always been a strong, well-recognized, quality brand, and we wanted our customers to be able to take full advantage of the Bell’O brand. Our plan for the future is to continue to offer innovative forward-thinking designs for a significant value with both the ClassicFlame and Bell’O family of brands.” Twin-Star Home Furnishings announced the acquisition of the Bell’O International Corporation on October 13, 2014. More details about that announcement can be found at #     #   #   About Twin-Star Home Furnishings Established in 1996, Twin-Star Home Furnishings, of Delray Beach, FL, is an award-winning manufacturer of home furnishings, stoves, heaters, and consumer electronics, combining the latest trends with function and style to create unique products that enhance the lives of their customers. Twin-Star’s in-house designers and engineers keep a finger on the pulse of the latest trends and consumer demands, offering the most comprehensive and diversified product lines available. Twin-Star believes it is essential to have product lines that reflect the advanced thinking our designers have considered and executed, providing our customers with quality products and innovative designs. Twin-Star is best known for their brands; ClassicFlame, Duraflame, ChimneyFree, ClassicFlame Pro, Bell’O, Bell’O Digital, and Powerheat. Find out more at ]]>