Protects Intellectual Property and Award Winning Designs

Twin-Star International Protects Intellectual Property and Award Winning Designs

In 2008 Twin-Star International made a strong statement to its competitors that copiesand knock-offs of their designs will not be tolerated. This message was delivered in threeseparate actions against companies that attempted to misappropriate Twin-Star’scopyrighted designs. The Philip Reinisch Company, SteinWorld LLC, and Hargrove Manufacturing Corporation, were all notified of alleged copyright infringement by Twin-Star. All weresettled with the companies’ agreement on a cessation to produce the models in question,and Twin-Star received royalties from the accused models. SteinWorld LLC agreed toremove themselves completely from the electric fireplace business for a period of no lessthan 18 months. President Mark Asofsky says “Our in-house design team and the award winning products they develop are a testament to their creativity and Twin-Star’s commitment to bring innovative designs to market. We plan to stand by and protect the over 1,000 designs currently under our belt and will continue to fight plagiarism.”Twin-Star International is passionate about putting in the time and effort that it takes to protect its intellectual property. In addition to copyright, Twin-Star patent protects its innovative fireplace designs and rigorously enforces its intellectual property ]]>