What is the Best Electric Fireplace or Heater for My Space?

Whether you’re playing board games with the kids or having the new neighbors over for wine and dessert, hanging out around a fire is the perfect setting for spending time with the ones you love or getting to know new friends. It’s also a great place to settle in alone with a book and warm mug for some down time. No matter how you enjoy a fireplace, it can have a big impact on helping any room in your house feel like home.

The truth though is that not everyone is ready to start hauling firewood or cleaning a traditional fireplace. Wood burning fireplaces, and even gas-burning fireplaces, can be expensive and difficult to maintain. And if you rent, renovating for a fireplace isn’t even an option. However, an electric fireplace gives you a way to still bring the warmth and comfort you’re looking for into your home.

Modern electric fireplaces come in a variety of shapes and styles, so you can use them for warming up any room – whether it’s your living room, family room, bedroom, office, or maybe even a dining room or kitchen. In fact, choosing the right fireplace for your space can bring an already stylish room to life by adding that cozy touch. But how do you decide which one is right for your space? Read on for the best electric fireplace for any room!

How Can I Use a Wall Mantel with Electric Fireplace?

A wall mantel with electric fireplace (as seen in this picture) offers warmth as well as the look of a fireplace that was built into your home.

As you might’ve imagined, a wall mantel electric fireplace is a piece of furniture with an electric fireplace built in. A wall mantel looks just like the kind of traditional fireplaces that were, and still are, built into homes. So, a wall mantel is sometimes better suited for larger spaces. Not only because it is bigger than some other fireplace options, like a stove heater or wall hanging fireplace, but also because you may want to do some styling around the fireplace itself.

In the living room, consider if you’ll want to decorate your mantel with seasonal decorations or will be placing wall accessories like mirrors or photo frames around it for some accenting. If you want your fireplace to be a place for conversation or a quiet spot for reading, you may want to add a couple of small ottomans, floor cushions, or papasan chairs around your mantel for cozy seating. For an office or formal dining room, think about shelving that would be paired with or placed around the mantel. All of these will demand more space. This is especially true for the living room. Trust us, your friends and family will definitely want to congregate around your new fireplace addition, so think about space for your loved ones, too!

Of course, you can also find wall mantel electric fireplaces in varying sizes if you’re living in a more scaled down space. But also keep in mind when choosing your fireplace that you will typically see this type in a space that functions more traditionally. From rustic, country design to modern and minimalistic, you can find wall mantels in a variety of styles. However, they are usually in living rooms, formal sitting areas, and other rooms where of traditional conversation is prioritized over media. Unlike your family room, where the space may be organized according to the location of the TV, the space for your wall mantel fireplace will be more geared toward quality time and entertaining guests.

Where Does a TV Stand with Electric Fireplace Work Best?


Lots of families live in homes where a separate “family room” and “living room” is not a reality. If you want the ambiance and heat of a fireplace in your living room despite the television, there is a great solution. A TV stand with electric fireplace can heat your home, provide a beautiful spot for your television, and give you organized storage. That way, if your living room and family room are one and the same, you can still have a cozy atmosphere whether the TV is turned off for a game of charades or turned on for a movie night in with your husband or wife.

A TV stand with electric fireplace (as seen above) offers warmth and function.

If you live in an apartment, condominium, or smaller single-family home, a TV stand with electric fireplace presents a realistic opportunity for warmth with design flair in more limited spaces. Probably best fit for a living room, this multi-functioning piece can consolidate your furniture and help create a space that is both inviting and suitable for your needs. You get added storage and the perks of a fireplace, like gorgeous flames and efficient heat, all in one purposeful piece for your TV. Don’t be surprised if any longing for that separate formal living room suddenly disappears.

What is a Stove Heater and Where Can I use It?

A stove heater (as seen above) offers warmth
 that can heat a large room, even as it fits well in small spaces.

Perhaps your downsized home doesn’t allow for the luxury of excess storage that a TV stand offers. Ideal for smaller living areas such as a loft or studio apartment, an electric stove heater is an even more space efficient fireplace option. And, as the name implies, it is cute and charming, looking like a traditional wood burning stove. Because of its size, it can work almost anywhere. Instead of a larger wall mantel or TV stand, use a stove heater as a smaller accent piece in your home décor while warming your living or family room with the same efficiency.

The stove heater also works incredibly well on a design level. If your home is ever-evolving with seasonal style changes throughout the year, the portability of this fireplace means you can move it anywhere to suit any room’s needs. Maybe one day you want it downstairs next to your scarecrow and pumpkin decorations for a Fall, country feel. No worries! You can still easily move it into the bedroom for any extra warmth you need during winter. Use it to get cozy during bedtime on Christmas Eve, then simply move it out next to your tree for ambiance while opening presents on Christmas morning.

The electric stove heater fireplace is an especially great addition to guest bedrooms, too. Since guest rooms tend to have limited furniture and lack the personal style you would get in a master bedroom, they can sometimes come off as cold, metaphorically speaking. Use the stove heater to add some style and ambiance to your guest bedroom while helping your guests feel warm, comfortable, and right at home.

Where Can I Put a Wall Hanging Fireplace?

Wall Hanging Fireplace
A wall hanging fireplace warms your home as it adds style and saves floor space.

The greatest appeal of a wall hanging fireplace is right in the name. You can hang it anywhere that you would hang a picture, making the options for where you can put it all but limitless. Not only can you use this fireplace in defined spaces like the living room, bedroom, office, and more, you can place it in less defined areas such as a foyer or on an accent wall.

The other great advantage of the wall-hanging fireplace is that you can retain floorspace and keep the area where it is located looking nice and open. In small homes, it’s a great way to provide supplemental heat and add a sense of style without sacrificing the space that you need. However, while the wall-hanging fireplace might be the best option for small homes, it is not limited to small spaces. For example, it can still be a focal point in a spacious living room when placed at hearth level and used to unify other design elements.

From a design standpoint, wall hanging fireplaces are a popular choice that can fit in just about any room or style within a home. Their simple design makes them great for contemporary or transitional-styled homes or a perfect complement for more complex industrial or even rustic styles. They are trendy, affordable, and incredibly creative, with some models that can be built into the wall for a more streamlined look. When a wall hanging fireplace is built in, it can appear flush with the wall, as if it were an original part of a home’s architecture and simply meant to be there the whole time.

Which is the Best Electric Fireplace for Your Space?

Large house, small condo, traditional style, contemporary design – no matter what your home looks like, there is a fireplace out there for every type of space. The trick to figuring out which is right for you is knowing the function of your space and why you are considering getting a fireplace. Decide if you want your fireplace to be the center of the room or if it will be there to enhance your home’s other features. Will it serve as a place to gather friends and family or are you looking for low-key ambiance? The options for your home are many. Reflect on your needs and wants and you’ll find the best electric fireplace.