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  Lori H. Gonzalez, Twin Star Home’s Chief Executive Officer, speaks proudly of the company and its commitment to women in the industry: “Under our new leadership team, Twin Star Home joined WithIt in 2017, and became a Platinum Sponsor. We passionately believe in educating, mentoring and supporting a women’s organization that’s purpose is to help others grow, nurture their talents, and accelerate their learning in a positive and rewarding environment. I have always been a strong supporter of mentoring current and future leaders, and particularly those that will continue a legacy of strong leadership with integrity.  WithIt is a perfect partner to amplify that.”  She continues, “I was very fortunate to meet Jena Hall last year, one of the founders of WithIt, and its first President.  We are blessed to have a partnership with Jena as a Creative Strategist at Twin Star Home. I’m honored to work with her and have her as part of our team!” Twin Star Home keeps their focus on their team and its growth. The company culture is emphasized through monthly Town Hall meetings that engage everyone in the company, and keep them updated on our performance, growth strategy and key priorities. These monthly meetings provide time to celebrate wins regularly through their formal recognition program, “Bravo,” in which people write personal letters of thanks to others in the organization to recognize their contributions. The vision, values and growth strategy are visible all throughout their office.   Lori Gonzalez shows her support for this commitment to involvement. “We work as a team and want to keep everyone engaged in our continued progress and expansion.  We work hard but have fun.”   She shares words of advice that she’s been given: “Stay focused on the big things, and relentlessly prioritize.”   Twin Star Home also supports women directly. 50% of the executive leadership team are women. There are five additional women in leadership roles in product management, marketing and sales. WithIt fits into this company commitment to women’s leadership growth, supplementing the company’s own on-going training and mentoring programs.     As a Platinum Sponsor of WithIt, Twin Star Home is a corporate member with six current individuals involved, and was a major supporter of the WOW Awards in January, the only award program in the industry that is focused on women’s achievements. In addition, Twin Star Home supports the City of Hope and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), as well as local programs at Habitat for Humanity and The Milagro Center.      Thank you Twin Star Home for your support of WithIt! Your BRAVO! program is a fantastic program for building a culture of gratitude and respect. WithIt.org – women’s leadership development network ]]>